Pros / Typing Instructor for Kids offers appropriate, graduated typing lessons and games that will help your children learn to touch-type, even if they are quite young.

Cons / Although you can input personalized performance goals, the software does not offer an initial skills assessment.

 Verdict / Typing Instructor for Kids is the best kid's typing software on the market, with appealing images and games, as well as a thoughtfully produced curriculum.

Individual Software Inc. has created an exciting adventure through the five lands of Typer Island on a quest to capture a castle. Along the way, kids complete lessons, tests and game challenges to learn proper touch-typing skills. Young typists capture the castle at the end, which comes once they master all of the keys at their words-per-minute (WPM) goal. This colorful and engaging program is our overall best pick because it delivers all of the elements that comprise outstanding typing for kids software. From an entertaining island adventure theme to dozens of typing games, Typing Instructor for Kids will keep your youngsters motivated while teaching them valuable keyboarding skills.

With more than 160 lessons and 30 typing games, Typing Instructor for Kids teaches proficiency over the entire keyboard and 10-key numeric keypad. Lessons in this typing software advance in difficulty while building on previous lessons. For example, single keystrokes gradually become letter chains, words and eventually entire sentences. There are also timed typing tests and advanced lessons to build your child's typing accuracy and speed.

The application uses visual guides and virtual hands to teach proper finger positions and movement. This type of visual learning is essential to keyboarding for kids. This feature allows them to see and mimic correct typing movement.

One thing missing from this otherwise outstanding software application is an assessment test to gauge your children’s initial skills. An initial skills assessment, like the one UltraKey 6 has, would allow them to begin at a point in the program that is on par with their current skill set, rather than starting at the beginning.

Children as young as six can use this application. One great benefit is that Typing Instructor for Kids allows up to five users on the program per license, while most typing applications are limited to a single user. Each child creates a login, and the software tracks his or her individual progress.

Once you install the typing program on your computer, the software's typing tutors, Tobo Typer and Lafitte the talking parrot, will introduce your child to the premise of the game and the application as a whole. Helpful instructions explain what your child needs to accomplish with every keyboarding activity. Children as young as six can use this application. One great benefit is that Typing Instructor for Kids allows up to five users on the program per license, while most typing applications are limited to a single user. Each child creates a login, and the software tracks his or her individual progress.

Typing Instructor for Kids has an array of supplementary features that allow you to tailor the program to your child's needs. You can input a specific WPM goal, and font size and color are adjustable, so your youngster can easily read text on the screen. You can’t create custom lessons or materials for typing practice. However, the software's curriculum is so comprehensive that this small drawback is not especially significant.

The software also includes more than 40 practice texts, including nursery rhymes and excerpts from classic children's literature. Not only does this provide interesting material to keep kids focused, but it can also indirectly help them improve their reading skills.

One fun feature allows you to select sounds to play whenever your child strikes an incorrect key. This increases typing accuracy and will raise your kids’ awareness of any typing mistakes they make, but in an entertaining way.

Typing Instructor for Kids makes it remarkably easy to track your child's progress. The application provides in-depth statistics such as performance assessments by finger, hand, key and row. Such varied reports provide a detailed picture of your child's keyboarding strengths and weaknesses. Other reports include typing results after each exercise, test and lesson is completed. These include information like an accuracy percentage and adjusted WPM rate.

All of the typing results are printable, and you can even print certificates of achievement much l like All the Right Type 4. While this is not essential to kids typing software, these options are useful and can be powerfully motivating for your children. These kinds of tangible incentives tend to go a long way toward keeping kids typing. Printable reports and certificates of achievement let your child see how he or she is doing, and your youngster can proudly share these motivating documents with others, including teachers.

This kids typing software has a helpful user manual accessible directly in the application. It provides clear, comprehensible instructions and detailed images. If you have questions outside the parameters of the manual, Individual Software provides technical support via telephone, email and an online support form.

You will also find a FAQs section, product registration and software updates on the manufacturer's website. Be sure to register your copy of Typing Instructor for Kids so that you can access Individual Software's free technical support options.

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Combining enjoyable games with effective typing drills, Typing Instructor for Kids is the best keyboarding software for children on the market. Its animated interface and age-appropriate content make the learning process enjoyable and entertaining for little ones. The comprehensive curriculum helps children of all ages fully grasp the essential life skill of touch-typing. Additionally, your children can proudly display their progress reports and certificates of achievement once they have reached certain goals.

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