Pros / You can opt to use its web subscription version, TypingInstructorWeb.

Cons / It doesn’t have an initial assessment to determine your kid’s baseline word-per-minute score before they dive into the program.

 Verdict / Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum’s large number of high-quality activities makes it the most well-rounded program we tested, which is why it’s our pick for the best kids typing software.

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum continues to be our top pick. The software makes learning to type fun by having kids level up on their way through five unique lands on Typer Island. If they’re successful, they win the castle at the end of the game. Each level has challenges, tests and lessons so kids learning to type for the first time can increase their word-per-minute (WPM) speed. Children as young as 6 years old can use the program to learn to type.

Typing Instructor stands out from the other programs we tested thanks to its high-quality animations and library of more than 160 lessons and 30 typing games. This typing software for kids also includes over 40 practice tests that expose students to children’s literature and classic nursery rhymes as they learn to type more fluidly. The lessons are timed, and the software instantly displays WPM results and accuracy reports at every step.

Instead of simply listing the keys your child needs to hit, animated hands guide their finger placement and help during each session. The program goes over every key on the keyboard as well as the 10-key numeric keypad.

One downside to Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum is the goal starts at just 5 WPM. Also, unlike UltraKey 6, it doesn’t have an initial assessment to evaluate your kid’s starting skill level. As such, you are stuck guessing or wading through the first few lessons until you get a better idea of where they are at. However, Typing Instructor lets you customize the goal to the speed you think your child should be working toward.

One of the reasons Typing Instructor for Kids remains our top pick is its value. For example, you can add up to five users per license you buy. Other more expensive programs, like All The Right Type, only allow a single person to use the software. If you want to teach multiple children to use the keyboard, Typing Instructor gives you room. The software tracks each user’s progress through the program separately.

Typing Instructor for Kids helps you track your child’s progress with several helpful reports. For example, you can see information about their performance on a single key, row or hand. The system also provides an adjusted WPM score, which is a combination of your student’s accuracy and their speed.

The program and its characters, Tobo Typer and Lafitte the talking parrot, rely heavily on sound and audio instructions. There’s even a selection of sounds to help kids identify when they make an error during the lessons. As such, you might want to get headphones if your computer is in a public space.

You can customize some of Typing Instructor’s features, including the WPM goal and the font size and color. However, because of its highly thematic, gamified nature, you can’t create custom lessons.

When your kids complete the program, you can print certificates congratulating them along with any reports you might need for your records. We like programs that have certificates like this one and Mickey’s Typing Adventure because they give your child a sense of accomplishment.

The company recently created an online version of Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum called TypingInstructorWeb. Instead of paying $19.99 to download the program, you can purchase a limited subscription. Although it’s not quite as immersive as the downloadable version – there’s a lot more white space around the edges than in the original software – the web version includes the same activities and games. It may even be more affordable if your child can complete all the practice they need in a short amount of time. You can pay for weekly, monthly or quarterly subscriptions.

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum, as well as its web version, doesn’t have the biggest library of games, activities and lessons of the software we tested. However, thanks to its design and adventure theme, it does the best job of teaching kids to type because it makes learning fun and engaging. In addition, the program has high-quality animations, allows you to create multiple user profiles and is reasonably priced. For all these reasons and more, Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum is our pick for the best kids typing software.

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