Type Fu delivers its typing lessons through a simple and effective user interface – you won’t have trouble navigating through its five categories, which include letters, numbers, words, proverbs and quotes. Within those lesson categories, you can choose the difficulty level that matches your current abilities.

Type Fu is the least expensive software we tested, apart from the free program we reviewed. It is available for both Mac and PC operating systems for less than $10.

Because of its low price and limited lesson options, it is a good program for young adults and adults who need a simple refresher rather than a comprehensive typing course. You aren’t instructed on correct posture, and there aren’t any typing games to keep younger children engaged. The lessons are generated at random, so you won’t repeat the exact same curriculum if you circle back to improve your efficiency in a specific category like typing numbers.

Each lesson module takes less than a minute to complete – most of the software we tested have modules that last anywhere from two to five minutes each. The advantage of shorter modules is you can practice your typing in short breaks between other projects at school or work.

Type Fu automatically increases the difficulty level based on your performance. This is handy when coupled with the tracking feature that alerts you to your problem areas on the keyboard. You can work on specific lessons without repeating content or guessing which difficulty level you should use.

Most of the typing programs we tested, including Type Fu, allow you to correct your mistakes without affecting your accuracy score. Of course, the more errors your correct, the slower your time, but it better reflects what happens as you type for work, school or pleasure.

The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate, with only nine selectable buttons. Four of the buttons lead to reports about stats like speed and accuracy, and two buttons direct you to information about which keys you use the best and which keys you struggle with.

Type Fu is the simplest typing software we tested both in terms of design and functionality. If you are looking for a good low-cost program to keep your typing skills polished, it might be the best option for you.