Typing Instructor Platinum is a captivating typing program with a unique travel theme. As you move through the lessons, you travel virtually through different countries and eras, receiving stamps in your virtual passport along the way.

This software has more typing games than any other application we tested. With a dozen to choose from, users of all ages are sure to find a game they enjoy as they learn valuable typing skills. Each game is easy to understand and play, fast-paced, and challenging. A game’s pace is customized based on the WPM goal you set for yourself.

The typing lessons are simple and low-pressure, and they show over a calming photo background such as a beach scene. The typing tests use a combination of double letter typing (aassddff) and common and uncommon words to assess and record your progress.

Typing Instructor Platinum has three travel themes with 35 different destinations. After you select a theme from the bottom right corner of the interface, the software displays which keys you will learn in the upcoming lesson. Each of the keys has a drill, a speed-building exercise, an accuracy exercise and a game. In addition, each lesson ends with a timed random-words test. You receive a stamp on your virtual passport for each lesson you finish.

This typing software has good reporting tools that track your progress in six different ways. You receive feedback about which hand, finger and key is giving you the most trouble, and then the software suggests lessons to specifically target those problem areas. Before you start the lesson plan, you take an assessment test that identifies your skill level. The default goals assigned to you based on your assessment range from “just starting” to “expert touch typist.” You can use the speed and accuracy ratings from that assessment as your default goals or customize your own.

Typing Instructor Platinum boasts a thorough list of lessons along with comprehensive reporting, and it gives users of all ages and skill levels a fun way to improve their typing. In addition, the games and travel theme are interesting enough to keep teens and young adults engaged in the learning process.

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