WordPal vocabulary software isn’t a super sophisticated application, but it does pack a lot into a small package with its sizeable number of vocabulary words to study. If you are using the WordPal vocabulary builder on a computer, the window is quite small, which can make the application hard to see since it is about the size of a playing card. However, if this approach works with your learning style, you can make use of the 4,000-plus words in its database to improve your vocabulary or get ready for such things as the SAT or GRE exams.

This vocabulary builder will first present you with an antonym, a synonym, a definition or a sentence. After that, you have 20 seconds to choose the corresponding vocabulary word. There is also an Odd Man Out test, which gives you a vocabulary word along with several options that match along with one that does not match. You must select the option that does not match as part of the vocabulary building exercise. The repetitive process used in this application can help you improve your vocabulary, but then again, you might get bored with this approach. You do not get timed tests interspersed with other exercises like you might with Vocab 1 or other vocabulary building software. 

With WordPal, you get 27 word categories, including entertainment, architecture, geography, sociology, music and mathematics. Along with the more than 4,000 words in its database, WordPal also offers phonetic pronunciations, thorough definitions and even usage examples, all of which can help you learn how to expand your vocabulary.

You can also specify if you want to work on SAT or GRE words to prepare for an upcoming test. As you advance, this vocabulary builder software tracks your progress, and you can check your quiz statistics to see how you're doing in each section. The statistics also include the average time it takes you to answer a question, the highest word level you have achieved and your current skill level.

You can go to WordPal’s website and download a free trial so you can give it a test drive to see if it will be useful to you before you make a final purchase decision. Unfortunately, the customer support options you get are limited only to FAQs and email.