Pros / ClearEdits works in conjunction with Microsoft Word and other word processors.

Cons / In addition to missing some basic grammar errors, the program’s suggestions often make your writing feel dumbed down.

 Verdict / Because it relies so heavily on third-party applications, ClearEdits can't stand on its own merits. You would probably be better served by trusting your own judgment rather than relying on this application to elevate the quality of your writing.

The most basic function of writing enhancement software is its ability to correct grammar mistakes. In our review of the best grammar checkers, ClearEdits by ClearWriter missed some of the most basic spelling and punctuation errors in our test paragraph. However, it did an acceptable job in improving sentence structure and detecting passive voice. It's a mixed bag, and if you use this software, you should use it in conjunction with another writing enhancement software application.

You install ClearEdits as an add-on to your word processor program. When you run ClearEdits, the grammar and spell check software scans your documents for four types of problems: unnecessary words, dubious words, overweight words and -ion words. The value of these types of corrections is questionable. For example, one of ClearEdits' suggestions for making a document better is to change the word 'assistance' to 'help.' These type of suggestions do not always improve your writing for clarity, however.

After analyzing your work, ClearEdits will generate a ClearScores report and put comments on the side of your document with editing suggestions. ClearEdits utilizes the dictionary and thesaurus provided in Microsoft Word. It does not include translation tools or a grammar guide, so you are unable to easily look up specific grammar rules.

However, this writing enhancement software provides a variety of business correspondence templates to help business writers. With these templates, writers can easily create effective business letters and emails. The templates also suggest active, powerful word choices to enrich the text, and the software offers grammar tips.

ClearEdits is able to evaluate grammar and word choice in the context of a sentence, so it is able to recognize sentence syntax issues, such as subject-verb agreement problems, possessive and plural inconsistencies, and advanced grammar problems such as dangling modifiers. The application also provides several alternative corrections so that you can pick the correction that best fits the context or intended audience.

ClearEdits is manufactured by Communications Development Inc., which we found responds promptly to emails and phone calls. The company also provides a user manual and answers to FAQs on its website. ClearEdits does not have live-chat support.

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  • Minimum Required Memory
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  1. How much RAM is needed to run the software.
  2. 10  ClearEdits
    64.0 MB
  3. 1024.0 MB
  4. 1024.0 MB
  5. 128.0 MB
  6. Category Average
    412.44 MB


ClearEdits works best as a Microsoft Word add-on. This allows you to incorporate the program’s suggestions into the corrections from Word's spelling and grammar checker. In addition, the explanations in this program will help teach you how to become a better writer. ClearEdits is not as user-friendly or as thorough as other grammar check software we reviewed, but it is still among the ten best editing software options available.

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