Pros / WhiteSmoke can check your writing any time you're using a text box.

Cons / The application does not check for plagiarism.

 Verdict / This is the best writing enhancement software because it can thoroughly check your writing in a variety of locations and formats.

The best writing enhancement software should check your grammar, spelling and syntax and make helpful suggestions to make your writing better. Moreover, the best application should make these suggestions and corrections in real time, without the need to cut and paste chunks of text between programs. WhiteSmoke does all these things – all with the touch of a button. Wherever you enter text on your computer, WhiteSmoke will make sure your spelling and grammar are correct, which is why it earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

WhiteSmoke will improve your writing by catching common grammatical, spelling and syntax errors. WhiteSmoke does an excellent job in its contextual analysis of your text, rather than just performing a word-by-word series of corrections. The result is elevated writing that conveys a command of the English language. Simplicity is WhiteSmoke's other main selling point. A single keystroke is all that's needed to analyze any document. The interface is similar to many spelling and grammar checkers on the market. Plus, this writing enhancement software tries to improve your writing – it offers writing tutorials and commonly used templates to ensure that you're on the right track.

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Editing Tools

WhiteSmoke has compiled a quality database of suggestions that consist of millions of grammar and spelling corrections, as well as other ways to enrich your writing. This writing enhancement software will also point out complex errors, such as subject-verb inconsistency, commonly confused words and homonyms.

Once it completes the grammar check, the software will generate a writing review report, which includes an overall rating of your text. It also rates the text in six separate categories including sentence length, sentence structure, redundancy, voice, informal expressions and word choice. The ratings are color-coded to let you know which categories are excellent, which ones are good, which ones are fair and which ones need work. The software also produces an activity report that gives you a summary of the errors it finds. It lists the number of sentences analyzed and the number of grammar corrections, spelling corrections and style suggestions.

Once you've installed WhiteSmoke on your computer, this writing enhancement software will be ever present, offering to check almost any text that you enter. When you start typing in Microsoft Word, for example, a little WhiteSmoke icon will appear in the corner of your screen that you can click at any time. This icon also appears when you use a text box online, such as in a blog post or on Facebook. The omnipresence of this application will help your writing stay strong, no matter what setting you're in. You can also open WhiteSmoke and paste text directly into the application window.


Overall, we are impressed with how many mistakes WhiteSmoke caught and highlighted. Much like Microsoft Word, WhiteSmoke underlines spelling errors in red and grammar errors in green.

WhiteSmoke puts suggested changes above certain mistakes, and if you right-click on the suggestions, you will see an explanation as to why it was marked incorrect. Next, you can choose to accept or ignore the suggestion.

Nevertheless, the application is not perfect. It caught some mistakes without a problem, but it ignored other glaring errors. It was also hit and miss with capitalization. It caught some proper nouns, but it failed to notice when we capitalized words that shouldn't be capitalized. The application marked our excessive adjective use, but it only noted that we repeated some words. WhiteSmoke also corrected us when we should have used a question mark and when we used excessive punctuation, but it missed our incorrect use of a semi-colon.

We are disappointed with the fact that WhiteSmoke didn't try to correct our use of passive voice, and that it missed our use of double negatives. However, it did catch a number of commonly confused words, such as their/there/they're. Even after using this excellent writing enhancement software, we still recommend running your writing by a human editor if it needs to be perfect.

Reference Tools

In addition to an up-to-date dictionary and thesaurus, WhiteSmoke comes with a translator tool that can change your text into one of 11 languages. Although its computer-based translator tool is very accurate, the software includes a link called Human Translation that will take you to OneHourTranslation, an online translation service with which the company collaborates. OneHourTranslation charges seven cents per word.

The software also comes with a large variety of templates for commonly used documents for business offices, school and personal use. It includes resume and cover letter templates, business letter templates, personal greetings and literary submission cover letters.

Help & Support

WhiteSmoke provides a number of ways to contact a support or customer service representative including telephone, email and online chat. The service staff responded to our emails within 24 hours. Additionally, the company's website includes answers to FAQs. This writing enhancement software also comes with an online user manual that you can access by clicking the Help button on the application's interface.

Under the Blog tab on the company's website, you can find helpful articles about grammar, spelling and punctuation issues, written by writing experts. Some software packages include writing tutorials within the software itself as well as exercises to help improve your writing abilities. However, we like how WhiteSmoke has set up its blog as a less intrusive side reference for you to peruse at your own pace and according to your needs. The information on the blog is available to everyone, regardless of whether or not you have purchased WhiteSmoke.


WhiteSmoke is quality writing enhancement software that is competitive in the marketplace. It includes excellent features with an up-to-date dictionary and a helpful translator function. We like that you can use this application in conjunction with a word processor and when you post online. While it didn't correct every grammatical error in our test paragraph, it caught more mistakes than some of the other grammar software we reviewed. No writing enhancement software is as effective as a human editor, but WhiteSmoke is a quick and efficient way to double-check your work.

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