Pros / Fittingly, WordPerfect caught the most grammatical errors in our test paragraph.

Cons / It doesn't offer any writing tutorials or a translation function.

 Verdict / WordPerfect catches many basic errors, but not consistently. However, it has some great features like PDF editing capability and ePub support, making it a good tool for writers.

WordPerfect is one of two writing enhancement products on our side-by-side comparison that are full-feature word processors. While WordPerfect is certainly one of the best products available to write, edit and publish all sorts of written works, for the purposes of this review, we focused on the application's features that deal with grammar, spelling and other writing enhancement features.

The first step in testing the best grammar check software is to submit a carefully crafted test paragraph riddled with errors to see how much the software detects compared to other applications. WordPerfect X7 from Corel correctly identified the highest number of mistakes of any grammar checker application we reviewed. WordPerfect detected 12 of the 13 specific grammar issues we programmed into our test paragraph.

The software noticed obvious errors, such as lack of capitalization at the beginning of sentences and incorrect article use. WordPerfect also alerts you when you've used passive construction and commonly confusing words. One drawback is how often it can miss similar types of errors or suggest wrong corrections. Overall, though, it performed best of all comparable products in our lineup.

WordPerfect's Grammatik tool offers grammar explanations for each error it finds, and it can analyze sentence structure. If you don't like a suggested correction, WordPerfect allows you to accept or reject it easily. This spell check software also includes a dictionary and thesaurus.

This grammar check software lacks a translation tool. You will need a third-party application to translate anything you are working on. This shouldn't be a huge setback if you generally write in only one language.

WordPerfect X7 can create PDF forms that let you fill in information. You can import a PDF document from your computer, edit it and then export it another virtual location. This allows you to edit a document scanned from paper. WordPerfect X7 is a great option for writers looking to self-publish. It has ePub support so you can create your own eBooks for Kindle, Kobo or Nook.

If you have important files or data that you want kept confidential, X7 has a feature called the Roxio Secure Burn that will let you store that archived data on CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc that can only be accessed by you or people you authorize to use it. This program also has encryption and password protection.

WordPerfect X7 also has an app that lets you open files on your iPad where you can make edits and create PDFs and other documents. This information is saved on a cloud so that you can then access the updated document from your desktop at home or work.

Corel's website includes a phone number and a contact form to reach a customer service or technical support specialist. You can also contact them through the live-chat feature. The website includes online tutorials that teach you to use the application, but it doesn't offer any sort of writing tutorials to help you improve your literary skills. The software comes with a comprehensive user manual that you can access through the Help tab on the software's interface.

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  • Minimum Required Memory
  • Minimum Processor Speed
  1. How much RAM is needed to run the software.
  2. 7  WordPerfect
    256.0 MB
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  4. 1024.0 MB
  5. 128.0 MB
  6. Category Average
    412.44 MB


WordPerfect X7's writing enhancement software tools are convenient to use alongside its word-processing features. However, it does not include a translation tool, which many of its competitors have incorporated. WordPerfect might not always suggest the right correction, but it does call attention to a variety of errors so that you can review, rethink and rewrite your work accordingly. It is a good option for writers looking to self-publish with its ePub support, and you can edit PDFs and edit from you iPad, making it an extremely versatile tool.

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