Pros / This program offers hundreds of backgrounds and props for you to use.

Cons / There aren’t very many illustration tools.

 Verdict / Comic Creator is good comic maker software for beginners since it’s super easy to use and provides a large graphics library with playful characters and settings.

Comic Creator by Summitsoft is fun, basic and inexpensive comic book software that is perfect for beginning comic makers, including children who want to dabble a little in comic book making. It has some basic illustration tools, though the effects are more in line with classic comics than the cool 3D anime and manga images that are popular today.

This comic software has many premade templates, including page layouts and characters. I counted 36 different comic panel layouts along with 50 characters that each come with at least five different poses. This really isn’t enough character variation to create an elaborate story, but it is enough to play around with and learn the basics of comic creation. Unlike Pixton and ComiPo!, this program doesn’t let you customize your characters’ poses or change their coloring.

Additionally, the illustration tools are pretty basic and will feel limiting if you want to create your own characters. There is a pen tool and the ability to place squares and circles on your pages, but that’s about it. However, I was able to seamlessly import TIFF and PNG files depicting my own character designs that I had previously created in Adobe Photoshop. So, if you like to create your own characters, this could be a good program to use in conjunction with a more illustration-centered program, like Clip Studio Paint Pro.

You can create just about any setting using Comic Creator. I counted over 600 premade props, backgrounds and background elements (like trees or city skylines) that you can use to embellish your scenes. The drag-and-drop function makes it easy to select and place backgrounds, characters and objects onto your comic book pages without much effort, but the playful characters and colorful scenes make using this program especially fun. You can also use the Animate section of the program to add basic movement to your comics. 

Comic Creator has word balloons that you can position where you need them. I had fun moving the tails of the word and thought bubbles to bend the way I wanted and to point to specific characters. This function was easy to use and helped the scene look more professional. This program gives you access to fonts already on your computer and lets you choose the color and size of your text. However, there is no spell checker so take extra care to spell everything correctly.

Even though this comic software is for beginners, it isn't completely limited in its features. It includes layers so you can select and edit specific parts of your comics without ruining other layers. Since this program doesn’t offer a lot of illustration tools, it isn’t a good match for a graphics tablet and pen. When you are done creating, you can embed images into an email and send it directly from the program. You can also upload your images to Facebook from Comic Creator.

You can save your work as a PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG or TIFF file, which covers the most common formats. Since this program also gives you animation options, you can also save your movies specifically for YouTube, HDTV or web optimization.

Summitsoft has some good customer support options. There is also a FAQs section included on the company's website. A help section is available within the Comic Creator program itself that can answer most user questions and basic troubleshooting tips. If you come across a problem that needs one-on-one attention, both telephone and email support are also available.

Comic Creator is only compatible with Windows operating systems so it’s not a good choice for Apple users. It doesn't require a lot of RAM to either install or operate, and you will not need an internet connection to use Comic Creator, since it is available in CD form; however, internet access is necessary if you wish to use the integrated email function.

Comic Creator is good comic book software for beginners or anyone who just wants a fun program to play in. It has all the functions you need to make your own comic book quickly and easily, including a wide library of page and character templates and editable layers. I was happy to discover that I could import TIFF files from other programs so I could place my own characters within the scenes. Since this program is compatible with the most common file types, you also shouldn’t have any problem saving it in a sharable format.

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