Pros / Cook'n Recipe Organizer has an easy-to-use menu planner that can help you schedule meals weeks in advance.

Cons / This program does not offer a free trial period.

 Verdict / Cook'n Recipe Organizer has a helpful feature set with its basic software, and you can get a host of extras with its three-level subscription service.

Cook'n Recipe Organizer offers several different types of excellent cookbook applications that can streamline your recipes, menu-creation and grocery lists, making it a top-notch choice for cooks everywhere. You get great quick search options, the ability to import cookbooks and compatibility with recipes from almost any source. Cook’n is convenient and has a remarkable wealth of features.

A little history here: This previously was a stand-alone software program, which you can still buy, and it does recipe storage, scaling and sharing; nutritional analysis; and cookbook printing. Cook’n has added a membership program with three levels (Basic, Standard and Premium) that each offer considerably more features. For example, with the Premium plan, you get a five-day meal plan every week, a free cookbook per month, a weekly newsletter, a community forum, cloud storage, the ability to sync to an unlimited number of devices, unlimited recipe scans and captures, free upgrades and tech support.

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Recipe Manager

The original Cook'n Recipe Organizer is excellent recipe management software and, as any cook can tell you, keeping recipes organized is half the battle when it comes to putting good meals on the table. This version comes with more than 550 recipes and while you can add more, including full cookbooks, that's a far cry from the 15,000 recipes that come with Home Cookin 8.67 or even the 1,000 recipes that come with The Recipe Manager and Living Cookbook 2015. However, if you opt for the software alone, you can capture and scan only five recipes per day, and you don’t get free technical support nor any upgrades.

Upgrades and support are available through the monthly membership plans. If you are a new customer, you get a free year of Premium membership. The app works for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows and Mac Computers.

The subscription program option lets you search for recipes, but you also get access to a live feed that you can customize to show you the kinds of dishes you like from websites and chefs you favor. When a new recipe appears on one of these sites, it automatically comes into your live feed and you can decide whether to click it to read more about it, or just drag and drop it into your cookbook.

This recipe management service can help you edit recipes and categorize them, search by ingredients and earmark your favorites. You can easily add photos and any notes. For example, if you want to be reminded to use a particular cooking technique for a recipe you love, it will be in your notes so you’ll never omit it.

If you’re stuck for what to make for dinner, Cook’n makes things easy. You simply enter what you have in your pantry or refrigerator and the application will generate an entire list of good recipes that you can create without having to make a dash to the grocery store. If this sounds like something you'll use often there are free websites that do just this including Supercook and MyFridgeFood.

If you have a dinner party coming up and you just can’t settle on the perfect recipe to try out, Cook'n Recipe can help you there, too. This recipe organizer offers a browser feature where you can look through pages of photos of completed recipes. This will not only give you ideas for meals, but also spark some ideas for appealing presentation.

Cooking Tools

Cook’n makes it easy to import recipes. When you find one you like, just click the Capture button and it will be added into your recipe library. You can also capture and sync recipes to Pinterest. In addition, you can copy recipes from Word, then scan and import hard copies of recipes.

Cook'n has the ability to adjust the serving sizes to the number of people you’re feeding. When you change the serving size of a recipe, the ingredient amounts will automatically adjust, making it simple to cook for a small family or a large crowd with the same set of recipes.

With Cook'n Recipe Organizer, you also have the option to share your recipes working in sync with social websites like Pinterest. In addition, you can email your recipes to friends and family members directly from the software. If you want to share hard copies, you can print 3 x 5 recipe cards, 4 x 6 recipe cards or even full-page recipes.

Help & Support

If you run into any issues with the program, you can check the website's FAQs page. In addition to getting answers to commonly asked questions, there are online tutorials to walk you through each process step by step. Unfortunately, there is no phone support.


This recipe management service gives you a host of features that make it an excellent kitchen companion, whether you’re a weekend cook or the seasoned gourmet chef. The ability to import recipes from almost any source and add them to your personal cookbook makes building a large recipe collection easy. Cook'n Recipe Organizer is an excellent choice for keeping all your recipe tools in one place.

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