Pros / There are essentially no limits on how many recipes you can import.

Cons / This software does not automatically create shopping lists or calculate nutritional values.

 Verdict / Home Cookin is a simple recipe program that offers unlimited meal planning and recipe collection, free cloud storage and design tools to make your own digital or print cookbooks.

One thing we found especially worthwhile with Home Cookin is the fact that although you get 15,000 built-in recipes, you can add just about as many new ones as you want. Some users have recipe collections ranging from 300,000 to 500,000 and have experienced no problems. Company owners tested up to 750,000 recipes with no real slowdown in computer functioning.

Even if you’re a dedicated foodie, that many recipes will probably fill the bill for whatever you need. The software makes it easy to organize, find and share the dishes you enjoy most, including foods for special dietary needs. You can back up recipes on Home Cookin to the cloud and then carry them with you on your mobile device without having to install a special app. Aside from the convenience, you can be assured you won’t lose your collection if you change computers or something goes wrong with your laptop or desktop.

It is easy to add a recipe to your collection of family favorites by using either a simple manual import feature or, in many cases, the one-click web import function. The latter permits you to scour the web for great sites with great recipes and add them to your collection in a second. You can do things like add photos and check your spelling, too.

You get several different options in the menu planning calendar. Here you can easily create daily meal plans by week, by month or as far ahead as you choose since there is no limit to the number of menus you can prepare in this recipe management software. You can add notes into your meal planner to help recall the sources of recipes, such as various cookbooks, and you can keep your menu plans for years. This is especially helpful if you threw a smashing Christmas open house or a great anniversary dinner and want to replicate the food – with this recipe software you simply look up any of the previous recipes that your family raved about and make them again.

This cookbook software gives you the opportunity to adjust serving sizes to fit the needs of you and your family. This is an excellent feature to have if you generally cook for a smaller or larger group but are called upon to whip up food for a different size group. We discovered all of the recipe software we tested has this feature. When you adjust your recipe’s serving sizes, you can change them permanently or on a temporary basis.

Unfortunately, you cannot automatically generate grocery lists or nutrition information. The publishers say a grocery list function would be impractical since there’s no way of knowing what you already have and which amounts of certain ingredient would be needed for a particular dish. However, you can prepare a grocery list yourself, and for those items you don’t have on hand, you can quickly pick those from a recipe screen. The software does prepare estimated costs, and it sorts grocery items by store and aisle. As far as nutrition, Home Cookin’s publisher says it’s impossible to calculate accurately each item’s value without detailed information such as the exact type of food (canned, frozen, fresh, etc.), the brand and amount. Other software we tested that does give you a grocery list includes MasterCook 15 and Living Cookbook 2015.

One fun feature of Home Cookin is its many helpful functions to create an online or print cookbook to share with friends and relatives. While there are other ways to build a cookbook on your computer, it's really convienient to be able to do so within the software’s cookbook design features. Once you enter your personal recipes or import them into the software from the web, you also can add an image of the prepared meal to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your cookbook.

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Home Cookin cookbook and recipe software offers many convenient features. It has nearly unlimited recipe storage, access to a web import feature that gives you immediate access to popular food and cooking websites, app-free synchronization with mobile devices, and recipes for special dietary needs. In all, Home Cookin is a solid, basic recipe application that will make your life in the kitchen easier.

Home Cookin 8.67 Visit Site

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