Pros / It imports and exports GEDCOM files smoothly, a useful feature for collaboration.

Cons / There are no research tools in this software, so you'll have to conduct your research separately.

 Verdict / This software requires practice and experimentation to master, but once you figure it out, it's a handy tool for editing GEDCOM files.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Genealogy Software here.

GEDitCOM II is quite different from the other genealogy software. This software works best for manipulating GEDCOM files rather than creating charts, family trees and notes like standard Mac genealogy software. It supports GEDCOM 5.5 files, and importing and exporting is easy to do. Plus, you can directly edit any GEDCOM file you open in this software. It has tools that validate your edits to ensure consistency in your GEDCOM files, which are especially useful if you plan to work with other genealogists.

GEDitCOM II is limited in its reporting and publishing features. There are only six basic publications available on this program, such as an ancestor, descendant and ahnentafel report. An ahnentafel is a numbering system for listing direct ancestors. The information in the ahnentafel is customizable if you want to include items like marriage dates and children's names. With a little finesse and some scripting skills, you can create an entire genealogy book or website. It's not the best for charting, but GEDitCOM II supports a variety of media types, including images, audio and entire movies. You can share your multimedia from iPhoto, iTunes and iMovie on your Mac.

The Places feature connects to Google Maps to show notable locations in your family history. However, you can't print reports about these places or show migrations of ancestors like you can with other family tree software for Mac. The Place adviser gives you summarized histories of locations and countries. This is a good way to get quick historical context for the places significant to your ancestry.

GEDitCOM II doesn't create automatic citations for your sources, but the data-entry process is straightforward and easy to follow. This is important when you're handling enormous amounts of information, so the easier the data-entry fields are to follow, the quicker you can insert the correct information. Plus, correct information allows you to create accurate citations, and it gives your genealogical database more depth and credibility.

One of GEDitCOM's advantages is easy linking. The software links people, media and sources together automatically if you add your sources directly to an individual's profile. This feature prevents unlinked sources and media from floating around your database without context. This program is different from most genealogy software for Mac or PC though because it lacks a family or pedigree view.

If you have questions or issues as you are using the software, there are helpful tutorials and a FAQs section for commonly asked questions on the company website. You can also contact customer service representatives via email.

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GEDitCOM is a GEDCOM editor, rather than a family tree builder like other genealogy software we reviewed. However, you can still do many of the same things with GEDitCOM II, like generate ancestor and descendant charts, link media and trace sources. You can get the most out of this program if you have some background in scripting, and you may find it confusing if you're new to Mac or genealogy in general.

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