Pros / Genbox placed second in our ease-of-use testing. You can add parents, spouses and children to an ancestor with only a few clicks.

Cons / There is not a problem-spotting tool in this program, leaving Genbox unable to catch obvious mistakes.

 Verdict / If you want a basic genealogy program that allows you to chart, organize and build a database quickly, Genbox is a good candidate; however, there are no web-enabled features or problem spotters to help you along the way.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Genbox scored high in the ease-of-use category. In under five clicks, you can add children, spouses and parents in one dialogue box. Each individual profile has entry fields for both parents, spouse and entries for children. The software populates the person's age with each life event, such as marriage, childbirth, employment and death. This gives you a better idea of his or her personal timeline at a glance.

This genealogy software makes attaching media and sources to one person easy. You can link pictures and other media directly to the person in his or her profile. In under 10 clicks, you can also export or import a GEDCOM file. This doesn't entirely solve this program's lack of web-enabled features, but you can at least share your database quickly in its simplest form.

The program received a low score for accuracy because it's missing the big tools we used to measure this criterion. Genbox lacks a family map, web hints and even a problem spotter. The absence of these common tools took us by surprise, especially since the program includes odd extra features like the free hand drawing tool.

Problem spotters are a common feature in the best genealogy programs. Similar to the squiggly red lines of spell check, problem-spotting tools catch errors in your database. In our tests, we created individuals born in the future with death dates in 1940. Further, we listed others as born in 1837 with a marriage dates in 1939. We even created children older who than their parents. Unfortunately, Genbox failed to catch any of our tricks.

Genbox has an array of chart styles, including ancestor, descendant, related, convergent and more, but they are all basic. This makes them better suited for creating academic charts and publications for your records rather than heirlooms and wall charts. Genbox can be used to create high-quality genealogy charts, but not without a steep learning curve. Similarly, there are many types of reports available in the software – ancestor narrative, pedigree, descendant narrative, family group, individual narrative and more – but all looked outdated and dull. They are difficult to customize as well.

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Genbox is the best of the basic genealogy software. The program owes its high ease-of-use score to large individual profiles. This feature allows you to add multiple connections, events and sources in one area of the software. The software’s data entry and charting features may excel, but the program lacks some essential tools like problem spotters to catch errors and web-enabled tools that help with research.

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