Pros / It has multiple output format options.

Cons / This software offers no technical support.

 Verdict / You can complete an array of basic genealogical tasks, but the lack of support and standard features puts Osk at a disadvantage.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer being updated. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

While the main screen for Osk looks like typical genealogy software, it's difficult to navigate and even more difficult to find answers. Similar software keeps standard features in obvious places. Osk offers little in navigational help. It has some of the features found in other Mac genealogy programs, like a timeline, but it is grainy and outdated. The family tree display is another area where Osk falls short of other genealogy software for Mac. There are only four viewable formats for newly created family trees. Overall, the information is organized, but there is ancestry software that does so with more style and ease.

In terms of genealogy charts, Osk offers only a few, which lack detail and style. Aesthetics aside, family charts only display one child per family, so showing extended family on a chart is a challenge. This family tree software for Mac is only capable of listing traditional nuclear family models composed of a husband, wife and one child. Every family is different, so it's important to see plenty of listing options in a genealogy program. While you can indicate divorce, this software isn't capable of specifying same-sex unions, adopted children, stepchildren or half-siblings.

But for all its flaws, Osk has redeeming features. You can add audio, video and photo files to an individual’s record. And any contact information like address, telephone number and email address for living relatives connects with the individual’s name from your address book on your Mac. Flexible file support is important in genealogy software, especially if you plan to collaborate with others. The best genealogy software should be able to support multiple media files and database types. Osk Mac genealogy software is capable of saving information in multiple file formats, including JPG, GEDCOM, PNG and HTML.

Osk's biggest disadvantage is its lack of support, especially since it's such difficult software. While Osk has a help tab within the software, clicking it does not produce the expected dropdown menu of options. Instead, the only in-software help is a help search with keywords. You won't find any articles or tutorials to guide you through tasks. A quick tour of the software developer’s website shows no online help whatsoever. You can check for software updates from within the application itself, but that's the only support feature available for this Mac family tree software.


Osk has the bare features of genealogy software to help you chart basic family units. However, families extend beyond parents and children. You can't add other relationship details such as step or adopted family. This application can help you organize your basic family history, but its user interface and scarce features are frustrating.