Pros / It’s easy to find the program’s editing tools.

Cons / There are only 4,800 templates.

 Verdict / With its limited number of stylish project templates, you can find greeting card design programs that are a better value than PrintMaster Platinum.

PrintMaster Platinum v8’s interface looks a bit overwhelming compared to the sleeker, more user-friendly Hallmark Card Studio 2018. With only 4,800 templates to design cards and other projects, we think there are better options out there than PrintMaster Platinum.

The program’s interface looks cluttered compared to competitors’ layouts. It puts most of the formatting tools you need to adjust and tinker with your design front and center, so they are easy to find; however this clutters the screen and lends a claustrophobic feel. Also, the clickable icons and drop-down menus look a bit dated.

When you open the project page to start a new design, the software advertises packages of additional graphics, which makes it hard to see the templates’ details without opening them in the editing suite. During testing, we preferred programs, such as Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe, that let us zoom in on or hover over designs to see them in more detail as we browsed, before making a selection.

While PrintMaster Platinum includes more clip art and graphics than other software, on average, their quality isn’t impressive. We had a hard time resizing and enlarging many of the clips we tested because adjustments degraded the print quality, creating jagged or pixelated edges in our designs. In greeting card software, scalable vector graphics, which you can adjust without losing quality, are preferable.

We didn’t find many of the program’s templates to be stylish or up to date, and it would require more than a few changes to make them ready for printing. If you choose this design software, you may end up making projects from scratch, rather than using time-saving templates.

PrintMaster Platinum also lacks the most up-to-date sharing features, such as links you can use to share projects through email or on social media. Instead, you must download the finished project in your preferred file format and upload it manually. We preferred programs that link to popular sharing platforms because it cuts out steps.

You also can’t create sound-filled e-cards with this software. Other services, including our top pick, Print Artist Platinum, let you pick from an song library or upload your own music to make custom cards. If you plan to design e-cards, a program with more sharing features and customization options would be a better choice.

This software includes a number of support options, some of them better than those other programs we reviewed offer. For example, you can contact representatives by phone free of charge. There are also plenty of video tutorials and a searchable help center where you can look for answers to questions about the program.

PrintMaster Platinum v8 Visit Site
  • Project Templates
  • Art Gallery
  • Number of Fonts
  1. The number of card and project templates contained in each application.
    More is better.
  2. 4  PrintMaster Platinum
  3. 28000.0 Templates
  4. 16700.0 Templates
  5. 3  Canva
  6. Category Average
    12975.0 Templates


There are better greeting card design programs out there than PrintMaster Platinum. To compete with the best software, it needs higher-quality templates and graphics.

PrintMaster Platinum v8 Visit Site

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