Pros / ActionTab adds new lessons and songs regularly.

Cons / This guitar learning software does not include audio or video instruction.

 Verdict / ActionTab includes a large selection of songs and learning tools, but the teaching method is not at all interactive.

ActionTab is online guitar lesson software with some interesting elements. It offers note-by-note instructions for many popular songs, and its lessons are accessible for both left- and right-handed players. Because it is an online service, you have access to new lessons and songs as they're added. Unfortunately, the company does not offer audio or video instructions, and it lacks any kind of progress tracking. ActionTab's monthly and annual fees are comparable to the cost of face-to-face lessons with an instructor.

ActionTab offers around 50 guitar lessons with photos and illustrations. The lessons cover basic topics like how to tune and string your guitar. They also cover some advanced guitar skills that are helpful to budding rock stars, including scales, hammer-ons and slides. Video and audio instructions are not included. ActionTab does not cover all the topics we looked for, such as counting time and playing by ear. You can sign up for a free newsletter with additional advice and tips, though, and the website periodically updates with new lessons.

All of the practice songs include an animated fretboard that displays the notes as you play them. If you want to focus on a certain section of a song, you can play it on a loop, but the software does not record your practices or allow you to record your own songs like eMedia Guitar Method does. This software does not offer interactive feedback on your performance either.

ActionTab plays real guitar recordings to help you learn songs. The tablature comes in a wide range of genres, including rock, blues, metal, country, folk, jazz and classical. Through the homepage you can access short biographies of the artist or band that originally wrote some of the songs, although this feels more like a gimmick than a useful feature.

With this guitar software you are able to switch views and slow down the tempo for difficult songs so you can learn at a more comfortable speed. ActionTab includes a legend that explains what each icon signifies to make navigating simple.

There is a FAQs section on the product's homepage as well as email support. We found the answers to most of our questions through the "Getting Started" tutorial in the main menu of the program.

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ActionTab is online guitar lesson software with several basic lessons, and it offers new songs and lessons periodically. It lacks video and audio instructions as you learn the lessons, and it does not have interactive games. ActionTab's guitar learning software has some good ideas but lacks many of the features we look for.

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