Pros / eMedia My Guitar presents simple lessons with a cartoon guitar and interactive games.

Cons / The lessons are limited to the fundamentals and do not track your child's progress.

 Verdict / eMedia My Guitar's simple lessons and interactive games are fun and easy for children who are picking up the guitar for the first time.

It's good for kids to learn to play an instrument, but lessons can get expensive. Fortunately, eMedia My Guitar v2 is excellent children's guitar lesson software for a low price. With this guitar learning software, you can give your kids hands-on experience with the guitar without paying for weekly lessons. The software covers a wide range of beginning lessons and interactive games. It does not track your child's progress, and the lessons feel like a PowerPoint slideshow with minor interactivity. However, if you want to introduce your child to the guitar, this is a good place to start learning.

When you launch the software, a cartoon guitar tells you how to use the software, and the lessons start right away. The table of contents is available under the Go To tab. The program has over 60 lessons and uses child-friendly songs to teach the basics. Lessons cover the basics of guitar, including how to string a guitar, read tablatures and play chords. My Guitar does not include progress tracking, although it will bookmark your child's place when she closes the program.

My Guitar includes a digital metronome and animated fretboard. As children practice the songs and lessons, they can use these tools to set the tempo and display where their fingers should go. This software lacks interactive feedback found in programs like Rocksmith, but you can adjust the tempo. Your kids can play interactive games that will give them their scores as they play.

This guitar software comes with 21 songs, a digital recorder and a computerized guitar tuner. The recorder and tuner use your computer's microphone to listen to the guitar, so if you're going to use an electric guitar, make sure you have an amplifier. You can print any lesson or song, and the chord dictionary shows virtually any chord with finger placement. If you need help, there is an online manual and glossary. Customer support is available by telephone and email.

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As children's software, eMedia My Guitar v2 offers simple lessons and interactive games. It only covers the most basic guitar techniques, but it teaches kids to play guitar at a fraction of the cost of professional lessons.

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