Pros / The software teaches new concepts effectively, including voicing.

Cons / Novice guitar players may feel overwhelmed by the concepts within the software.

 Verdict / Guitar SightReader Toolbox has interesting features for intermediate players, but it may be too complicated for beginning users.

Guitar SightReader Toolbox aims to provide all the tools you need to become a professional guitarist. This detailed guitar lesson software offers lessons, exercises and recording tools to help you improve your skills. A highly advanced metronome can split the beat up into subdivisions among changing tempos. There are also a slew of tools such as quick chords, chord libraries, lick libraries and a transcriber that will show you new and interesting ways to make chords and learn new voicings for your music.

One of the most effective ways to improve your skills is to listen to a recording of yourself playing. With this software, you can record your playing and even speed up what you've recorded to see what the riff will sound like at faster speeds. You can also export the recorded file to your computer. It can be extremely motivating to hear your progress as you improve in weak areas and move on to increasingly advanced techniques.

The Inventor is the newest tool within the SightReader Toolbox. This tool allows you to create note patterns on the neck and play them. You can hear them in a variety of different sequences and move your creation up and down the next. You can also loop the playback to hear the sequence over and over again.

In our tests, we were able to explore some of the advanced features and tools, many of which are great for practice. You can set up practice exercises that will test your chord knowledge and finger dexterity. You can also compose music with the software's transcriber tool. There are some interesting extra features with the guitar software that will appeal to advanced users, including an ear trainer and a lick library. However, it doesn't have any improvisation lessons, which is an advanced lesson type found in programs like Jamorama.

The program includes a tuner and a chord dictionary. Every tool is represented as a device on the home screen, so you only have to click the image to open the tool. There are also video tours to help you get to know the various features.

This guitar lesson program lacks customer support by phone or live chat. Email support was an effective contact method in our experience, although we prefer having multiple contact methods.

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Guitar SightReader Toolbox is detailed guitar lesson software with a wide range of features, although many of these tools might be too advanced for beginning guitar players. We liked the fact that this software enables you to record your playing and export the recording as an audio file. The chord dictionaries and lick libraries are also useful tools to help you learn new voicings on the guitar. Intermediate players will likely appreciate the advanced toolset of this software, which teaches new tricks most beginner programs don't cover.

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