Pros / Jamorama has video courses for each lesson, so you can pause and rewind whenever you need.

Cons / It does not have the interactivity we look for, like feedback or music tracking.

 Verdict / Jamorama offers over 200 lessons with the promise of more every month, but this guitar learning service lacks interactive teaching.

Jamorama offers online lessons that cover a wide range of skills for beginning to advanced players. It teaches every lesson through video instructions, so you can pause or rewind to fully master each skill. Unfortunately, this guitar lesson service lacks the practice tools we look for, like an animated fretboard and music tracking. Jamorama gives you new lessons every month, but it lacks the interactivity we prefer in online guitar lessons.

This program has an impressive range of lessons. Beginners can learn how to string and tune a guitar, read tablatures and transition to different chords. Advanced guitarists can use the exercises that improve finger dexterity. This guitar learning service includes over 200 lessons, and it promises to add 20 to 30 new lessons every month, so you can always count on new content.

When you're ready to practice, Jamorama offers a list of weekly worksheets via printable PDF files. These worksheets correspond with specific lessons and target only those skills. However, this guitar service lacks interactivity found in programs like Rocksmith. It does not have an animated fretboard or music tracking, and it does not provide interactive feedback.

At this point, Jamorama does not teach you how to play songs, but it does have some excellent bonus programs and tools. The GuitEarIt is a multiple-choice listening game with several difficulty settings. Jayde Musica teaches you how to read music. Chord Kit helps you memorize chords. Finally, the "How to Tune Your Guitar" eBook gives you several useful tips for changing and maintaining guitar strings. You can also download a guitar tuner and metronome.

This guitar learning service is simple to use and navigate. In case you run into problems, it has a detailed FAQs section. If you want personal help, you can submit a support ticket.

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Jamorama is good beginner guitar lesson service. Every lesson has a video to accompany the principles, and once you've gone through a week of lessons, you can download and print an exercise sheet associated with those lessons. This guitar service lacks the interactivity we look for, but Jamorama is simple to navigate and use, making it a good choice for beginning guitarists.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

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Number of Lessons
Tuning a Guitar
Stringing a Guitar
Reading Tablature

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Record and Playback
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Repetition Loops
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