Pros / You can make use of some excellent landscape templates to create the yard, garden and home exterior you want.

Cons / The help section on the manufacturer’s website is hard to navigate, especially if you are looking for a general customer support phone number.

 Verdict / This is powerful software to help you achieve your goal to remodel your home. The extensive tool set lets you design everything down to the smallest detail.

Punch Home Design Studio Complete allows you to be precise in your home design. The detail you can put into your 3D models is unmatched in our reviews. The extensive tools, assistants and objects in this home design software for Mac are enough to earn it our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

This software gives you the total package to renovate your entire home and surrounding property. With detailed tools for home creation, interior design and landscaping, this is quite comprehensive home design software for Mac.

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Home & Floor Plan Design

This 3D design software for Mac offers a huge set of features. Whether you are an experienced or beginner home designer, the software is easy to use from the start. To design a room, you can choose between building your own custom floor plan or starting with a sample room template that is completed and fully furnished. Starting with a sample room plan is a great way for a beginner to launch a design.

Building a custom floor plan is just as simple with the QuickStart tool. Within the QuickStart window, you can drag and drop rooms that automatically snap together in your 2D floor plan. Any room you drop into your 2D floor plan will automatically be added to your 3D model. You can use the preview window to see how your 2D floor plan looks in 3D. You can also select a specific room in your floor plan to get an aerial view of the selected room in 3D. This helps you get a better view of the layout and design of a smaller room.

This home design software for Mac has a cost estimation tool to help you budget for your home redesign. With this program extension, you can keep track of all the possible expenses, including wallpaper, paint and countertop finishes. You can even factor in HVAC and plumbing expenses.

Interior & Room Design

There isn’t a shortage of design tools in Punch Home Design Studio Complete. The SmartWand is one of the most convenient tools within this floor plan software for Mac. With this tool, you can easily change the color of walls, countertops or other surfaces quickly.

The Room Addition tool is a quick way to add a room, like a sunroom or a porch, to your current 3D model. After you have adjusted the room addition to your specifications, you can use the window and door designer to customize all the windows for your sunroom.

This software is equipped with a total of 2,000 objects for your designs, both exterior and interior. For the interior, you will find a good-sized collection of appliances, furniture and much more. Adding objects into your 3D model is as simple as dragging and dropping them. For those finishing touches, there are plenty of curtains, blinds, railings and other small design objects to make your home as cozy as possible.

There are various tools for specific tasks to perfect your home design within this software. Among these tools is a Fireplace Designer assistant, which is not found in many other Mac home designers. The Cabinet Designer and the Window and Door Designer also help you to achieve your desired designs for your 3D home.

If you are having problems visualizing additions to your property, PhotoView lets you scan a current photo of your home into the Punch software. From there you can add objects like decks and trees to your home until you find the design that you want.

Landscape & Garden Design

One thing that sets this software apart from others in our lineup is the more than 5,000 plants in its library, giving you an extensive selection of trees, shrubs, flowers and more to beautify your yard or garden.

You can add single-level and multilevel decks that you can change to your desired style. If you want to keep it simple, just make use of the predesigned deck templates that you can edit with the software’s drag-and-drop function. If you prefer, you can take a photo of an existing deck and add those elements to your design.

You get a generous selection of materials and paint colors, as well as different deck-related objects to experiment with until you create the perfect deck for your home. In addition, you can view your deck in 2D, 3D or from an aerial perspective looking down onto your design.

There is a list of FAQs within the support forum on the Punch website. To access phone support for this software, you must go to the product homepage to get an 800 number, which technically is for placing orders. However, you can connect with the company and get assistance from there. In this area, Punch is less user-friendly than some other home design software for Mac manufacturers.


Punch Home Design Studio Complete is one of the most comprehensive home design software programs for Mac within our lineup. The drag-and-drop function of the QuickStart tool and the PhotoView features for landscaping are just a few aspects that help you create your dream home. Whether you are planning an interior design renovation, deck addition or full property remodel, Punch Home Design Studio Complete has the tools to help you visualize your creation.

Punch Home Design Studio Complete 19 Visit Site

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