Pros / The cost estimation tool can give you a good idea of what the materials will cost, and it can even break down the renovation cost for each room.

Cons / Though you can locate plumbing fixtures and electrical items within your design, this software does not let you position the necessary wiring or pipes.

 Verdict / This Mac home design software gives you an abundance of features and tools to design your new home, and its drag-and-drop capabilities make it easy to use.

Punch Home Design Studio Essentials is Mac home design software that offers sample house plans to get you started on creating your dream home. It includes more than 2,000 objects so you can position things to make your design look realistic and 2D and 3D views so you can see what your new or renovated home will look like.

The QuickStart menu helps novice users begin using this floor plan design software for Mac. You can drag and drop rooms into your 2D floor plan and adjust the dimensions as you please. The 3D preview window lets you see your model as you adjust your floor plan. If you don’t want to build a floor plan from scratch, you can use one of the sample room templates that are already designed and furnished for you. From there, you can add or delete any furniture and change color schemes to make the template your own.

In the Essentials section, there are many tools to simplify digital home redesign. PhotoView is a powerful tool to help you visualize additions to your current home. You can take a photo of your home and scan it into this home design Mac software and then add landscaping and deck designs to your photo.

You have thousands of objects to choose from to decorate your 3D home's interior, and you can easily add something like a couch or end table to your model simply by dragging and dropping. However, you do not get fireplace design capabilities, which some of the more comprehensive programs offer.

This Mac home design software boasts a highly useful cost estimation tool that helps you plan financially. This tool provides a tally of the materials you will need along with estimated costs. Along with the overall materials estimates, you can get even specifics cost estimates for a particular room.

This estimation tool also allows you to budget for HVAC and plumbing fees to give you a reasonably accurate price for your redesign. You can add bathroom or kitchen features that need plumbing as well as different types of lighting. However, this software is more basic than some of the other Punch home design products, so you do not have the capability to position wiring or plumbing pipes within your design.

When it comes to the exterior, this design software for Mac has helpful landscaping and deck design tools. You can use built-in landscape and patio templates or create your own design. You can mix and match a large variety of shrubs, trees, flower beds and other vegetation from this software's 4,000-item plant library. The software features an automatic growth tool that shows you how trees and plants will appear as they grow over time.

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Punch Studio Essentials offers plenty of tools to remodel your home inside and out, as well as create an appealing landscape, deck or patio. You can't draw in wiring and plumbing, but the detailed cost estimation tool offers helpful guidance.

Punch Home Design Studio Essentials 7 Visit Site

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