Pros / It has over a thousand sample home plans to choose from.

Cons / The navigation tools are more difficult to use than other software we reviewed.

 Verdict / While this software has extensive libraries to help you design a home from scratch, its poor graphics and navigational tools in 3D mode affect its usability.

Total 3D Home, Landscape and Deck Premium Suite has a large selection of sample home plans to get you started, along with editable standard room templates to furnish your home quickly. This 3D home design software boasts large plant and object libraries, so you can customize your home decor. Though the features and libraries are superior, this room design software is more difficult to use than our top-rated software.

This home remodeling software has the largest selection of sample home plans to choose from of the programs we reviewed. You can choose from over 1,000 sample home model plans to help you get started. These plans include single and double-level designs and range from micro house plans of less than 1,000 square feet up to homes larger than 3,500 square feet. It’s nice having a large selection of sample plans to get the creative juices flowing at the beginning of a project.

If you have a physical floor plan you want to use, or even a floor plan sketched on paper, you can scan your plans and import them into Total 3D Home, Landscape and Deck Premium Suite. After you import your plans, the 3D home software generates the blueprint of your sketch for you.

The objects in the included library display in 2D by default. You can change the view to 3D and from there add and modify the look of objects. However, modifying objects in 3D is tricky. It took us a couple hours of trial and error to figure out how to do it effectively, but once we figured it out it was much easier to use the program. Also, the 3D navigation tools are more difficult to use than most programs we reviewed. You can view your 3D house by clicking and dragging, but it’s difficult to maneuver into the various rooms of the house using this method. So, viewing your progress on your 3D model is a hassle.

We started our kitchen design with a base cabinet, sink, countertop, range and refrigerator. It took a while to figure out how to change the materials, colors and look of each to create something we found appealing. Later, when we tried to add more cabinets into the design, we tried to figure out what materials we used in the original cabinets, but there was no easy way to look up the properties of the previous cabinet modifications. Since there is no blender tool, which would allow you to grab textures and colors from the existing cabinets and transfer them to the new cabinets, we had to go through each of the materials to extract the right shade. This made creating a consistent design difficult.

We found that our final 2D floor plan and the 3D rendering of that plan lacked in quality. The 2D floor plan has overly simplistic symbols and designs when compared with other software we reviewed. You can view your design by taking a 3D walkthrough and an aerial fly-around; however, it took several attempts to view all parts of the house clearly in 3D without the software distorting the image. We were not able to view the 3D renderings of some of our designs at all.

This program has an irrigation view that lets you place outside pipes and sprinkler systems within your design. This tool can also be used within the home so you know where pipes and sewage should be placed for bathroom, kitchen and laundry facility designs.

The object and plant libraries inside of Total 3D Home Premium Suite are competitive with the other programs we reviewed. You’ll find any window, door, appliance, bathroom fixture and piece of furniture you need inside the object library. The plant library is extensive as well, boasting over 4,600 different plants, trees and shrubs for you to landscape your property.
This floor plan software puts as much emphasis on the outside of your home as it does the interior. You can add pools, ponds, driveways, walkways and much more to your property. You can use the terrain tools to add hills, valleys and other topography to your yard.

There is no Mac version of this software. If you're an Apple user, you'll need to check out programs such as Home Designer Suite.

Total 3D Home, Landscape and Deck Premium Suite has an extensive selection of sample plans and object libraries to help you get started on a design for your home. There some useful features like a tool that lets you place sewer and pipe systems in the proper place for water facilities. But this software is difficult to use compared other home design software we reviewed.

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