Pros / If Label Design Studio doesn't have the template you need, you can create your own with the Start with Blank design path.

Cons / There is no track list manager for listing the contents of a mix CD or album.

 Verdict / This program is excellent for the office; it offers mailing and product labels rather than media labels like CDs and DVDs.

Label Design Studio is label making software with a healthy selection of design tools and templates for different label types. If you run a small business or want to organize your hard copy files, Label Design Studio excels in office and small business labels.

Within this program, you can find dozens of designs based on templates for items like shipping labels, cards and file folder labels. This program focuses more heavily on stationery labels rather than media designs for items like CDs and DVDs. Thankfully, Label Design Studio still has templates for DVDs, CDs, jewel cases and box cases.

When you open the program, Label Design Studio gives you the option to start with a blank template or customize one of their pre-designed options. If there aren't designated templates, you can create custom sizes and designs for the labels you need, like jar or bottle labels.

Between these paths, you can make labels for anything you can think of. This program includes the standard set of design tools, offering color blends, font choices, basic image editing, clip art and background selection.

Label Design Studio can't import track lists for CD labels, a common feature for media labeling that you'll find in the best label making software, like SureThing 6. This tool comes in handy when you're labeling old mix CDs or creating an album for friends or family. This doesn't mean you can't add a track list at all in Label Design Studio. Instead, you'll have to add song titles and album information by hand.

While Label Design Studio doesn't have full importing capabilities, you can export your labels as one of five popular file types with different resolutions or upload your designs to Flickr or Picasa for more advanced editing. This is the only program that allows you to send labels directly to the web. File formats include PNG, PDF, JPEG, TIFF and BMP, common formats for sharing and editing images.

The customer support Label Design Studio offers is adequate for the program's needs. If you have questions, this label maker has an FAQ page online, plus email and phone support.

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This program focuses heavily on office and mailing labels instead of items like CDs and DVDs. You can begin with a blank template and create labels with custom dimensions if you cannot find the time of label you want in the long list. All the predesigned templates have different designs and embellishments to match your personality or the product you're labeling. While you can create labels for CDs, DVDs and their cases, you cannot import track lists directly onto the label.

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