Pros / This is one of the only programs with designated food and beverage labels.

Cons / The CD import tool doesn't function accurately; it's best to add track lists manually to the CD label.

 Verdict / Label Factory Deluxe's clean, modern interface makes label design almost effortless. It also has plenty of design tools, making it some of the best label making software.

 Label Factory Deluxe, is a premium label maker that creates labels for just about anything you can slap a sticker on. One of the most diverse label programs, Label Factory has ready-made templates for CDs, DVDs, disc cases, addresses, nametags and jar labels.

This label making software includes all the design tools to customize and personalize your labels. Some of the prominent tools are a variety of clip art, backgrounds, font choices and basic editing features. You can be as creative as you want with this software's labels.

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Disc Labeling

With Label Factory Deluxe, you get everything you need to create and apply perfect CD labels. It includes a CD label starter kit. For a CD to play correctly, you need to ensure that the label is centered perfectly, which you can do with the software's applicator tool.

This label maker software includes more than 1,400 label formats and templates, along with 13 barcode formats. It's also got more than 50,000 images to choose from, which is much more than our top pick, SureThing. It also imports images and includes some basic photo editing tools, such as cropping, red-eye reduction and contrast. There is also an integrated database manager and address book, which imports your existing address books from other programs such as Outlook, Act, Excel, Access and dBase.

Design Tools

Label Factory Deluxe has several tools to spice up labels. Graphics like freehand shapes and polygons serve as outlines on your label. This program also has over 30,000 searchable and categorized clip art images.

For small business owners, Label Factory Deluxe has another perk. You can create and edit your own barcodes in this program and then add them to packaging. You can change the bar width, height, style and other aspects.

The graphics editor in Label Factory Deluxe works with graphics in layers, similarly to advanced editing programs like Photoshop. This allows you to tinker with the background text, shapes and images on your label individually or all at once. This makes grouping, color change and resizing much easier.

Label Types

With Label Factory Deluxe, you can make practically any label you can think of. Labels for addresses, shipping, file folders, barcodes, inventory, nametags, industry, video, cassette, gift tags and food container labels are all available in this program.

Templates are categorized by format and use. While the software only makes labels for standard discs like CDs and DVDs, you can sift through different templates for music, audio and data labels. There are also categories with labels for businesses and offices, mailing, food and storage, and occasions such as kids' birthday parties and holidays. Each of the templates are editable and give you a head start on design.

Ease of Use

If Label Factory doesn't have a template you need, you can create your own from blank or custom-sized templates. These templates save to the program for later use. You begin the program by choosing a template or making one from scratch. You can import your own images to personalize disc labels, photo albums, nametags and other projects. You can add images in predesigned or your own templates as well.

Alignment is crucial when printing labels for discs. The print preview feature allows you to change the amount, position and width of the label. If you have a printer with a disc tray, you can print your label directly to the CD or DVD you're working with. This program is compatible with Avery paper and has preinstalled settings for a long list of Avery products.

The only difficulty we encountered with Label Factory was the track-importing feature. The CD track tool didn't upload track listings when we attempted to create a label. Instead, it provides a field for artist, album title, track number, title and length for you to fill out manually.

Help & Support

There are several ways to find answers if you have questions about Label Factory Deluxe. It has an in-software help dialogue box and a searchable help index. Additionally, you can contact the manufacturer, Nova Development, via telephone or email, or find answers in its FAQs section.


Whether you need it for your small business or your personal disc photo albums and mix CDs, Label Factory Deluxe has tons of templates and designs to capture the look of the labels you need. While some features, like the track list manager, can be difficult to use, this program is easy to use overall. All in all, it's one of the best label makers you can find.

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