Pros / The program has high-quality graphics and templates.

Cons / It’s pricey.

 Verdict / Hallmark Card Studio has enough clip art, tools and templates to be a good investment if you want to customize greeting cards or design other projects.

We think Hallmark Card Studio 2018 is a solid greeting card design program, and you can buy a version that works on macOS. The program's minimalist design can be a little misleading – it's furnished with tools to complete a whole host of projects. With more templates than most greeting card software and high-quality graphics you can use to make custom designs, Hallmark Card Studio for Mac is one of the best programs we found.

Graphics & Templates

Like most greeting card design programs, Hallmark Card Studio includes templates for every major and minor holiday as well as cards for special occasions, thank you notes and personal events. The software even has multi-page folding designs. In addition, you can search for appropriate cards based on the recipient’s age and other personal details.

Hallmark Card Studio for Mac has around 11,000 templates – a library that’s only dwarfed by the one in Canva, our top pick, which hosts 50,000+ template options. The program with the next most, PrintMaster Platinum v8, has 5,000 fewer predesigned projects to choose from than Hallmark Card Studio for Mac. This program also has templates for projects like labels and calendars as well as 3D objects such as gift bags and ornaments. Hallmark’s 2018 edition includes around 800 more templates and 1,000 more graphics than the 2017 version.

After you select a template, you can print the card as is or personalize it with clip art and new text. Hallmark Card Studio only has about 18,900 images, which is less than other software we tested, some of which have hundreds of thousands of graphics.

However, Hallmark’s images are stylish and easy to resize, a quality we value more than library size. Canva has the best-looking graphics, but Hallmark makes a pretty good showing. Also, while its graphics library is on the smaller side, there are still enough options to personalize your projects.

Editing Tools

During testing, we were surprised to see how different Hallmark Card Studio’s PC versions were from the Mac version. Their homepages are the same, but the Mac version’s editing and browsing pages look sparse compared to those in the more user-friendly PC version. When we switched to the Mac version, we missed some of the organization features and sentiment guidance available in the PC program. But even in its stripped-down state, compared to other greeting card design programs for Mac, Hallmark is one of the better ones.

Hallmark Card Studio 2018 for Mac doesn’t have photo editing tools like the software’s deluxe PC version does. While you can upload photos and resize them, the program doesn’t have tools to remove red-eye or repair damage and scratches on scanned images. Apple includes photo editing applications with its macOS, and you can use them to alter images before uploading them to Hallmark Card Studio. Still, it would be nice to have basic photo editing tools right in the program to streamline the design process.

The program includes many of the other design tools you need to create custom projects. For example, you can place text at an angle, layer, invert images and add special filters to your designs.

Sharing & Connecting Tools

Mac’s closed system means programs built for the OS have fewer embedded features. PC versions of greeting card design programs have quite a few tools that make it easy to share your work social media. However, many software designers don’t include them in the programs they make for Macs.

The Mac version of Hallmark Card Studio doesn’t have the same easy-to-use sharing tools as the program’s PC versions. You can only export your file to a PDF format, and from there you can add it to other Apple programs like iCloud or iBooks. It would be nice if this greeting card software linked directly to popular sites like Facebook and Instagram, cutting a few steps out of the process. You also can’t add music to e-cards.

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  • Number of Templates
  • Number of Graphics
  1. The number of included templates.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 3  Hallmark Card Studio for Mac
    11000.0 +
  3. 1  Canva
    50000.0 +
  4. 4800.0 +
  5. Category Average
    11837.67 +


Compared with its standard PC version, Hallmark Card Studio for Mac is lacking. For example, it doesn’t have sentiment assistance to answer etiquette questions. It is also harder to find the tools you need to alter your designs. However, it is one of the best greeting card design programs for Mac users, thanks to the quality and number of its premade cards and templates.

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