Pros / The program includes photo editing tools.

Cons / It’s difficult to resize clip art.

 Verdict / PrintMaster Platinum v8 doesn’t have the best-looking or highest-quality graphics, but if you plan to upload your own images, the program’s large toolset makes it a solid choice.

PrintMaster Platinum v8 has lots of tools to help you create customized greeting cards. However, we found that a lot of its graphics and templates leave much to be desired. In addition to being out of style, the images are low quality.

Graphics & Templates

PrintMaster Platinum v8’s library of 4,800+ templates is dwarfed by those in Canva and Hallmark’s much larger ones. It has an impressive 165,000+ clip art images; however, they are out of style, and we had a tough time resizing them to fit in our test designs. Often, a message appeared letting us know that enlarging the images could lead to pixilation, and we noticed that other images had rough edges.

The best Mac greeting card programs use scalable vector graphics – images that maintain their original quality when you resize them. Others use graphics with high resolutions, which limits pixilation as you resize them. While some of the clip art images in PrintMaster Platinum v8 are vector or high-resolution graphics, it would be better if all of them were. That way, you wouldn’t have to consider scalability as you choose images for your cards.

Editing Tools

All of the program’s tools are housed on its main page, which makes the screen look a bit overwhelming. The backgrounds, fonts, and photo and paint tools are located on a sidebar. Because the icons are small, you need to hover over each one to know what the tool is. It would be nice if PrintMaster Platinum had a cleaner, more user-friendly interface.

Just like in the software’s PC version, as you search for new projects, advertisements for extra templates, graphics and design features you can buy display on the screen. Cramming this much information into such a small space makes it hard to browse the templates, and the process is even more time consuming because you can’t preview projects – you have to open each one all the way to see its details. One of our favorite programs, Hallmark Card Studio, has a helpful zoom tool that lets you see each project’s details before you select it, which makes browsing more efficient.

PrintMaster Platinum includes basic photo editing tools, something only a few Mac greeting card programs have. You can add filters and effects as well as recolor images to match your design. You can also crop photos and fix red-eye right in the software. The macOS has an integrated photo editing and storage program, but it’s more convenient when they are in the greeting card program itself.

Sharing Tools

PrintMaster Platinum has a lot of traditional sharing options in its Share Project tab. However, it’s missing the most up-to-date sharing tools. It lets you export and print projects, but you can’t share to social media or email cards directly from the software. Since you can share files and links through your Apple account, many Mac programs don’t include these tools. You can order a photo book directly from this program, but we’d rather see link- and web-sharing options.

Help & Support

PrintMaster Platinum ran better than other programs we tested. It never abruptly shut down, and we didn’t have trouble downloading it. But you have to have keep track of a download or registration code during installation, which adds a few steps to the process.

The program has a searchable index with troubleshooting advice. There are also links to the program’s tutorials on the new project’s homepage, though they are difficult to find and don’t appear in the Help Center’s search results. Tutorial topics include how to work with clip art and how to set your preferences. PrintMaster has more tutorials than most greeting card software we reviewed.

You can email technical support with questions, but PrintMaster doesn’t have phone or live chat support. Real-time support is important for software, so we are disappointed PrintMaster Platinum doesn’t have a number you can call.

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  • Number of Templates
  • Number of Graphics
  1. The number of included templates.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 2  PrintMaster Platinum
    4800.0 +
  3. 1  Canva
    50000.0 +
  4. 11000.0 +
  5. Category Average
    11837.67 +


We’re a little on the fence about recommending this program. On the one hand, it’s one of the only Mac greeting card design programs we found that includes basic photo editing tools. On the other, its graphics left a lot to be desired, both in style and quality. It has more effects tools than most of its competitors, and the software didn’t glitch or crash. Also, its video tutorials are helpful, although there are no live support options. There are better programs out there, but if having all your tools, including those for basic photo editing, in one place while you work is important to you, PrintMaster Platinum v8 might be a good fit.

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