Pros / It has a powerful integrated search function.

Cons / It lacks the additional functionality found in the other programs in our comparison.

 Verdict / Beyond basic note keeping features, the tools within Notesbrowser are incredibly limited. However, it is easy to install and use.

Notesbrowser is the most basic organizer software in our lineup. While you can use this personal organizer to detail personal information, make to-do lists and remember important dates, it doesn’t offer much functionality beyond that.

The software has standard features, like a calendar, task list and address book. While the program’s calendar feature is basic, it has similar features as our top-rated organizing software, AnyTime Organizer Deluxe. You can even view a basic version of it from your desktop. You can input events and note if they’re recurring, like birthdays or anniversaries, by dragging and dropping them on different days and times. You can keep all of your notes organized by color, as it gives you 16 colors to choose from. Additionally, you can have up to 64 notes on a single page and customize the size and layout of your notes to best suit your needs.

However, it won’t tell you if you’ve scheduled multiple events that occur on the same day or time. Notesbrowser also lacks any sort of alarm or reminder function, which we think greatly reduces its helpfulness and overall usability. There are several customizable skins you can download and apply to the program, tailoring it slightly to your personality.

This software has a basic task manager as well. With it, you can type in dates and times for when your tasks are due. Unfortunately, this program does not allow you to assign a priority level to your tasks or receive an alert when they’re due, features that would be quite helpful. However, the application does allow you to take notes or jot something down quickly and keep it in a safe place. If you are using Notesbrowser, you simply open the program, add a blank sticky note if there isn’t already one there, and type out your great idea. You can also use the software to store daily journal entries.

Notesbrowser has drag-and-drop functionality. Beyond that, however, it lacks most of the other functionality found in the other programs we tested. It lacks syncing and integration options, a mobile companion app, a password manager, alarms, and importing and exporting options, for starters. After testing, we’d consider it to be more of a digital notepad than a program with robust organization or management capabilities.

If you have any problems or questions about the planner software, you can email the company or reach out through the contact form on its website. There is also a community user form on the website. Overall the software does what it’s designed to do well, but we just wish it had more functions, especially for its steep price tag.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Calendar & Alerts

Recurring Event Setup
Event Conflict Warning
Drag & Drop Events

Integration & Exporting

Android/iOS Sync
Export PDF
Export CSV
Export TXT

Feature Set

Built-In Notepad
To-Do Lists
Address Book
Budget Template
Task Priority Levels
Password Manager
Password Protected