Pros / Easy Resume Creator Pro has a variety of design features so you can personalize your resume.

Cons / The program doesn't audit the resume once you complete it to ensure everything looks right.

 Verdict / Easy Resume Creator Pro makes resume creation easy, but the lack of some important features makes it weaker than most resume software.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Easy Resume Creator Pro creates simple, quality resumes for you without any fuss. However, it lacks the career-building tools that the best resume writing software offers, such as social media sharing, interview preparation tips and a resume audit function. While this program can help you design a useful resume, it lacks some of the functionality other resume makers have, so it's less useful as a comprehensive career tool.

With this resume writing software, you can create a chronological, functional or combination style of resume from the 16 available templates, depending on your level of experience in the field you are applying to. The resume wizard walks you through the process of building your resume step by step, resulting in solid, professional-looking documents with little effort from you. This resume software can create a cover letter for you as well, which you can tailor to and pair with your resume to help it really stand out.

The software's simple interface has an outdated appearance, but it is decently easy to navigate and full of information and tips. You can make a solid resume within minutes without doing much more than typing in your information. If you can't think of anything to write for your job descriptions, you can use the software's prewritten phrases. Overall, it doesn't take long to input your information and tweak the design and formatting to suit your tastes.

This program gives you some nice freedom to customize the design and look of your final document. It allows you to adjust spacing, the look of your font and the order of your resume segments, though it doesn't allow you to insert a numbered or bulleted list to highlight your information on separate lines. Easy Resume Creator Pro also lacks a thesaurus, which would help you avoid repetition, and a resume auditor to proofread your completed work. The absence of these features means you'll need to be your own editor, unlike with the resume programs that do as much as possible for you.

You don't have the option with this software to directly add your resume to your LinkedIn or other social media profile. Nowadays, employers look to social media sites such as LinkedIn to find potential employees or to learn more about those who have applied, so the lack of this ability is unfortunate. However, you can still save and download your document as a Word or text document and manually upload it to a site, or as XML or HTML if you want to use the code to share it on your personal website. The program also lets you print a physical copy.

If you run into any issues, you can contact the software developers via email. You can also check out the company's user guide or FAQs page to see if you can find a solution to any issues you experience. From the software, you can search for a job and use its organizer to keep track of your contacts and important dates, such as an interview. This makes the software valuable as a career tool beyond just a resume builder, but it doesn't help you actually prepare for the interviews you land. Many other resume programs offer this additional service to supplement your polished resume.

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Easy Resume Creator Pro allows you to create simple resumes and cover letters quickly and easily. You don't have to wade through menus to get your final document. However, this resume builder software lacks some features that the best resume makers have, including ones that would ensure your resume looks perfect and give you confidence in your career search beyond the application stage.

Easy Resume Creator Pro 4.22 Visit Site