Pros / Resume Builder lets you choose and use many categories to build a unique resume.

Cons / It has hardly any custom design or editing capacity.

 Verdict / The lack of some important design options and added job-finding assistance makes Resume Builder relatively narrow in its functionality. However, what it does offer makes it convenient as a basic resume creator.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

With Resume Builder, you can create a simple yet attractive resume quickly. Though it doesn't give you much control over design or editing, it has a few small features, such as its prewritten phrases and cover letter help, which make it a useful resume creator.

This resume writing software is a subscription-based online service, so you can access it via any internet-connected computer, letting you edit your resume at work, school, home or wherever you are. It's up to you to remember to cancel the automatically renewing subscription once you no longer need it. The easy-to-use program also helps you create a cover letter, which can give your job application an edge over others.

There are only eight resume templates to choose from, which is very narrow for resume-building software and doesn't exactly help the fact that you can't customize your resume much. However, the options it does provide look clean, modern and attractive. Within this limited quantity, you can still easily make a chronological or functional resume that suits your needs. The program's wizard lets you create a unique resume by adding in a large variety of categories, such as Certifications and Portfolio, as well as all the standard categories. You can bolster your resume further by adding in strong prewritten phrases from the software for your job descriptions.

Aside from letting you change the order of your resume segments, Resume Builder has no design-based functions or editing capacity, unlike the best resume writing software. There is no built-in thesaurus, spell-checker or audit capacity, so it leaves you on your own to proofread your document before submitting it to an employer. It even lacks simple customization options like font and margin adjustments, which many resume creators offer to give you fine control over the aesthetics of your documents. However, it has a nice preview option, so you can view your edits anytime and double-check what the document will look like to the recipient before you print, email or download it.

Whereas most of the other programs on our lineup offer multiple file formats for exporting, Resume Builder only saves your resume as a PDF. However, it offers the connectivity for you to share your resume to sites like LinkedIn if you don't want to simply print or email them.

You can only reach the software company directly via email when you have a question or concern. While a few basic informational resources are available on its website, it does not offer job search or interview assistance like most of the other programs on our lineup do. Features like mock interviews and a database for job openings would make this a more comprehensive career builder, like the best software we reviewed.

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Resume Builder is an easy-to-use service that lets you quickly create a simple but professional-looking resume, though it lacks some important functions that would make it even easier. It doesn't allow you much in the way of custom design, editing help or extra career assistance. This and the limited template selection make it much less versatile than the best resume makers, but it has some conveniences in its favor, such as the variety of resume section options and the cloud accessibility.

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