Streamline vacation rental software combines a full suite of property management software with a vacation rental manager to offer online reservation, housekeeping, accounting and marketing. While versatile, the vacation rental management software is complex with a lot of functions and may have a steep learning curve.

An online reservation tool allows you to set up reservations for guests directly from the front desk as well as online booking from a number of websites including your own. Booking management automates the process of moving booked units out of the calendar so that they cannot be double booked. You can also automatically set up a number of different types of units, including seasonal pricing and different comfort and support levels, making it simple to set up and get started.

The vacation rental property management software also integrates with a number of online booking platforms for marketing. Guest management, customer relations management and an email marketing system allow you to take and respond to queries, inquiries and requests. You can also set up automatic email reminders and greetings. Built-in electronic signatures and document creation allow you to create documents and contracts directly with the software and then mail them out to guests for quick signing. You can also automate emails with terms of service, privacy policies and rental agreements as soon as the guests book the property.

The vacation home rental software offers its own financial suite for accounting, payment management, taxes, security deposits, expenses and management but also integrates with QuickBooks if you want to use both or prefer to use the same software as your tax professional. Marketing functions include an email manager, document and email template creation, and SEO and optimization tools for marketing via email or the web. This includes optimization for website pages with online booking, landing pages and social.

Housekeeping and maintenance modules allow you to use the vacation rental manager to schedule maintenance visits and keep up with regular housekeeping. This means that you can see when a housekeeping visit has been performed, view when maintenance has been finished and check up on the status of inspections.

Streamline vacation rental software offers a lot in terms of property management tools and accounting functions, making it a good fit for small or enterprise businesses.