Track PM offers vacation rental property management software for professionals with an all-in-one vacation rental manager and support for up to 5,000 separate houses. With a scalable design, it works well for property managers, investors and share housing, but it does not allow customers to book their own rentals.

A scalable unit function allows you to choose the vacation rental management software for five to 5,000 units. This allows small investors to full professional property management companies use the vacation rental software, but it does charge a percentage of your rental income and does not offer full financial management.

The booking function allows your agents to see what houses have been booked and then input new bookings with specific information on customer data, payment, rates and dates booked. You can also bring up property previews for guests, allowing them to see the property before they commit to booking it.

You can set up different unit types, seasonal rates, fees and different types of profiles for automating all your bookings, especially with similar homes and units. The one-screen reservation option allows you to move units as quickly as possible.

Customer retention features in the vacation rental software allow you to keep guests in the software to quickly re-book them and add faster reservations in the future. The vacation rental management software also integrates with customer relationship management tools offered by Track. These allow you to track customers, send them emails and calls, and track them to see which ones your customers respond to.

Full reporting and tracking tools allow the vacation rental manager to offer full management for workflow and vendors. These include scheduling housecleaning, maintenance, stocking guest checkouts and other everyday functions, allowing you to keep track of what has and has not been done and to save time on management.

The vacation home rental manager does not include its own financial manager and does not integrate with QuickBooks, so you will have to export your financial data and then import it separately into QuickBooks for management. This is a disadvantage if you are hoping to use the vacation rental manager for calculating expenses and income.

While the software is feature rich, if you are looking for a cloud and computer vacation rental manager, Track PM does not include full financial management. It also charges a percentage of your rental income based on bookings, which is a disadvantage if you have a lot of units. However, the vacation rental manager offers many features, modern integration and functions suitable for both property managers and personal investors.