Pros / This program uses an interview format to help you create your will.

Cons / The legal reference guide and lawyer directory are only available at an additional cost.

 Verdict / LegacyWriter helps you write important estate-planning documents, including your last will and testament.

LegacyWriter doesn't stop at helping you do your own will. It has the templates and tools to help you write a health care directive, also known as a living will; create a Power of Attorney; make final funeral arrangements; and create a schedule of assets. This online will software uses an interview format to help you keep information in order and easily input it into your last will and testament.

While you work through each of the interview questions, you see step-by-step instructions that give you examples of the information asked for and define important legal terms. LegacyWriter is one of the only solutions on our will-software review that includes spellcheck, an invaluable tool that helps ensure accuracy throughout your documents. However, it leaves out other features, such as checklists and worksheets that are found in the best software, Quicken WillMaker Plus.

This program gives you the option to include very detailed instructions about your estate that not all will software allows. With LegacyWriter, you can designate specific assets to individual beneficiaries. It allows you to name legal guardians to your children and pets. You can also dictate what you want done with your remains after you die, including donating yourself to a specific organization for teaching purposes or scientific research.

As you work through the process of writing your will, there are helpful hints positioned in the sidebar with general questions about the section you are working on. LegacyWriter tracks your progress as you create your will and allows you to preview the results before saving or printing. You can save your will in either a Word or PDF format.

There are email support addresses and a FAQs section on the LegacyWriter website if you need any extra help creating your will. Telephone support is not offered. This program has reference guides and a lawyer directory available; however, these resources come at an additional cost since they are part of a special bonus program.

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LegacyWriter online will software includes great tools, such as step-by-step instructions, print preview and spellcheck, that help you include the important details about your property, assets and guardian for those you leave behind. For an extra cost, you can have access to the reference guide and lawyer directory. When you're finished with you last will and testament, LegacyWriter can help you write a living will and a Power of Attorney.

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