Pros / FAQs are included in each section with questions specific to that part you're working on.

Cons / This program doesn't come with many support options.

 Verdict / Though lacking in the help and support area, TotalLegal is still easy enough to use to create your in-depth and legal last will and testament.

TotalLegal is an online estate-planning software solution with a program devoted entirely to helping you do your own will. The will software uses an interview format and detailed step-by-step instructions to help you create a legal last will and testament. During the process, you are asked detailed questions about caring for loved ones left behind, including spouse, children and pets. You can also decide to include final arrangements for your remains and a schedule of assets as either part of your will, as separate documents or both.

Will software isn't the only solution available from TotalLegal. Depending on the plan you choose, you can also create a living will and a Power of Attorney for both financial and health decisions. Some of the tools that help you along the way include definitions of legal terms and some great FAQs in the sidebar that include questions about that particular section.

This program is simple to use, though it asks specific questions and allows you to give detailed answers so your final last will and testament isn't simple at all. This program asks you about cash gifts, including whether you wish to designate them to a person or an organization. The spellcheck helps you to keep everything correct and accurate while information at the bottom of each section provides more clarity about why that section is important to include in your will.

Unlike Legal Zoom, TotalLegal doesn't have many support options. It doesn't have a lawyer directory, social media pages or even a telephone number for connecting to support personnel. It does have an email address displayed prominently on its website and an impressive FAQs.

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TotalLegal is a decent will-software solution that includes in-depth information, including a schedule of assets, funeral arrangements and new owners for your pets. The support options are lacking, but the email support and FAQs section are helpful as you are planning your estate.

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