Pros / Firefox is built to be simple and fast.

Cons / It is incredibly difficult to reach Mozilla’s support team.

 Verdict / Mozilla Firefox is a versatile, feature-rich browser that’s good for both casual browsing and intensive research. It also does a good job of blocking phishing schemes and malware downloads.

Mozilla Firefox is fast, taking under a minute to start up during our in-house tests. Further, it averaged 4.2 seconds to navigate to and fully load pages, including content-heavy ones like news sites.

This internet browser houses icons, links and settings menus in places where they are easy to find, and it includes all the tools we looked for as we evaluated the best web browsers. You can browse in private windows and customize your toolbars – for example, you can use a dual URL and search field. Plus, Mozilla works on many platforms, including both Android cell phones and iPhones, and you can sync your settings so the same tools, options and bookmarks work on all your devices.

As part of our testing, we exposed Firefox to several malicious websites with known phishing schemes and attempted to download malicious files that contained ransomware, Trojans and viruses. In both cases, this browser recognized and blocked more threats than any other we tested. It is interesting to note, however, that Mozilla Firefox uses Google’s safe search feature to identify malicious websites.

On top of protecting your computer from internet threats, Firefox allows you to block pop-ups, set parental controls that block websites and certain types of content, and automatically clear cached browser history and cookies each time you close the browser. Other features include automatic updates, session restore and voice interaction when you access the internet from a device that supports this feature.

During testing, we checked how much space you need on your computer to download the Firefox web browser. The download is only 314KB, which is much smaller than most other browsers, including both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Mozilla has a lot of useful information on its website, including FAQs, a knowledgebase and visual tutorials. The knowledgebase is searchable and includes a community forum where you can ask other users for help. The company doesn’t provide direct support by phone or email, which is frustrating if you have a problem you can’t resolve on your own or through the online community.

While choosing a browser generally comes down to personal preference, our in-house tests show that Mozilla Firefox is much more secure than others. It’s easy to locate Firefox’s tools and features, plus you can customize its toolbars. Also, the URL bar doubles as a search bar, so you don’t have to open Google in another browser tab. Based on its ease of use, security and fast speeds, Mozilla Firefox is our top pick for the best web browser for all devices.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Phishing Protection Score
Cache Automatically Cleared
Parental Controls
Password Manager
Private Browsing
Pop-Up Blocker


Integrated Search Engine
Tabbed Browsing
Session Restore
Voice Interaction
Automatic Updates
Open-Source Development

Speed & Compatibility

Ease of Use
File Size
314 KB
Average Startup Time
<1 sec
Navigation Time
4.2 sec
Third-Party Browser Extensions
Windows Compatible
Mac Compatible
Android Compatible
iOS Compatible