Pros / Safari’s launch and page load times are impressive.

Cons / It isn’t as customizable as many of its competitors.

 Verdict / Safari is the best internet browser for Apple computers and mobile devices.

Safari is Apple’s internet browser, and it is only compatible with Mac computers, iPhones and iPads. It isn’t as versatile as browsers like Firefox and Chrome because it isn’t compatible with other operating systems, which is why it didn’t score high enough to be our top pick. Still, it is fast and easy to use, and it syncs your browser settings across all your Apple devices. However, Safari isn’t as customizable as other web browsers.

  • Initial Startup Time
  • Average Startup Time
  • Navigation Time
  1. The amount of seconds until a site completely boots up.
    Lower is Better
  2. 3  Safari
    1.85 Seconds
  3. 1.55 Seconds
  4. 1.56 Seconds
  5. Category Average
    3.05 Seconds

Speed & Compatibility

Safari took under two seconds to start up and even less time to load pages. Compared to most browsers, it is also quick to navigate between sites. Safari is included as the default browser on all Apple products, and because it syncs between the devices you use it on, your tagged sites, passwords and browser history are accessible on all your Mac computers, iPads and iPhones.

While Safari is an Apple-compatible web browser, it can access sites such as Google or Microsoft as well as online applications made by those companies, including Outlook and Google Docs – during testing, we accessed and edited documents and sent email without any compatibility issues.


Safari’s Reading List and Top Sites are a couple of our favorite features. Top Sites is the browser’s version of bookmarks, and it shows an at-a-glance preview of saved websites so you don’t have to click all the way through to the page to see new content. This is similar to an RSS feed, but it allows you to preview a site in full rather than simply show list of new content. Reading List is a way to save the URLs of interesting articles you want to revisit or read later. When you click Safari’s Reader button on the right side of the search bar, it cuts out all the advertisements and visual distractions in an article so you can just focus on reading the content.

Safari also has tabs, spell check and a password manager. However, it lags behind the competition because it isn’t very customizable. You can’t pin shortcuts or hide features as you can in other browsers, and you can’t choose a unique theme or background to personalize how it looks.


Safari has a lot of the best security features and keeps your information safe while you browse. It protects against some malware and phishing websites. And as with many other internet browsers we reviewed, you can adjust how strong or lax you want Safari’s security to be. It also allows you to delete private data such as your browsing history, and it has a privacy mode so you can search online without tracking the sites you look at.

Even though it includes some good security features, your Mac computer may still be vulnerable to malware that can sneak past the browser. However, you can strengthen it with an internet browser extension from a good Mac antivirus program, such as Intego, that can block threats not recognized by Safari.

Help & Support

Safari has the best customer service options for a web browser. It is one of the few that offers telephone support as well as email support. You can also view its user forums, online user guides, tutorials and FAQs on its website.


Safari has most of the basic features the best browsers include. In addition, it’s easy to use and extremely fast. However, it isn’t very customizable. If you’re looking for a no-frills browser for your Mac, iPad or iPhone, Safari is a solid option.

Specifications and Benchmarks


Pop-up Blocker
Private Mode

Help & Support

Online Knowledgebase
User Guide
User Forums
Email Support
Telephone Support

Speed & Compatibility

Ease of Use
Initial Startup Time
1.85 sec
Average Startup Time
1.3 sec
Navigation Time
3.87 sec
Mobile Browser App

Supported Configurations

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Mac OS


Tabbed Browsing
Integrated Search Engine
Customization Options
Password Manager
Automatic Updates
Mouse Gestures
Voice Interaction
Parental Controls
Open-Source Development