Pros / SeaMonkey is an all-in-one internet suite with browsing, email and chat capabilities.

Cons / Its startup speed it sluggish, and its interface is clunky and dated.

 Verdict / SeaMonkey is a good option if you want all-in-one browsing or if you like to code and want to create new add-ons and features, but there are easier-to-use and faster browsers available.

The SeaMonkey browser suite is an open-source, community internet browser. This means any developer, marketer or tester interested in adding a new feature or tool can do so, then make it available on the SeaMonkey website for anyone to download and use. Most of the browser’s drawbacks are a result of its open-source platform – updates are released when someone adds a new feature, and there isn’t a central company monitoring these changes, creating boundaries or testing each new tool.

If you are tech savvy yourself and understand coding, you can create add-ons and feature extensions for your SeaMonkey browser and customize it exactly the way you want. If you don’t know source code, it uses the same base program as Mozilla Firefox, which means it has a lot of the same features, especially the security features.

SeaMonkey is an all-in-one internet suite, so it is a browser and has an email client, built-in chat and a web editor that helps you build basic websites. Its default search engine is DuckDuckGo, which doesn’t track your search history. Since it is SeaMonkey’s default search engine, you can enter search terms in the URL bar and DuckDuckGo will bring up page suggestions.

You must download new security updates directly from the SeaMonkey website, since this browser doesn’t automatically update itself. And while it does a good job of protecting against malware, threats may still slip through, especially with so many contributors. As such, we suggest using an antivirus program in addition to the browser’s security features.

SeaMonkey has a password manager and customizable toolbars, and it can restore sessions. However, it doesn’t provide many of the advanced features we looked for such as support for mouse gestures or voice interaction. This browser also isn’t compatible with mobile devices, so it isn’t a good choice if you want to sync between your computer, smartphone and tablet.

This browser is easy to install. However, SeaMonkey feels clunky and outdated, and some of its features aren’t intuitive to use. For example, to use the tabbed browsing feature, you need to either right click your mouse while hovering over an open page or navigate through the settings menu to find the tabbed feature. This browser also isn’t very fast when starting up or navigating between sites. It took us over six seconds to navigate from page to page, and we had to wait for each page to fully load once we got there.

SeaMonkey has very few support options. As an open-source platform, the browser relies heavily on community users to provide support. The user forums are a good resource, and you can ask questions and other users will answer them. Because this is a community browser, often there is a programmer willing to create a quick fix or a new tool for you.

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  • Initial Startup Time
  • Average Startup Time
  • Navigation Time
  1. The amount of seconds until a site completely boots up.
    Lower is Better
  2. 7  SeaMonkey
    2.45 Seconds
  3. 1.55 Seconds
  4. 1.56 Seconds
  5. 3  Safari
    1.85 Seconds
  6. Category Average
    3.05 Seconds


SeaMonkey is an okay browser. Its features are very basic, but it provides protection from some internet threats. In addition to being a web browser, it is an email service, a website builder and instant chat service. However, SeaMonkey needs a facelift and improved browsing speed to compete with the more widely used internet browsers on the market.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Pop-up Blocker
Private Mode

Help & Support

Online Knowledgebase
User Guide
User Forums
Email Support
Telephone Support

Speed & Compatibility

Ease of Use
Initial Startup Time
2.45 sec
Average Startup Time
1.7 sec
Navigation Time
4.16 sec
Mobile Browser App

Supported Configurations

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Mac OS


Tabbed Browsing
Integrated Search Engine
Customization Options
Password Manager
Automatic Updates
Mouse Gestures
Voice Interaction
Parental Controls
Open-Source Development