Stellar Audio Video Converter is a very simple converter software. There aren’t any hidden windows or menus to navigate, and the user-friendly interface walks you through the process of converting media files step by step. When you first open the program, you are prompted by a large icon in the middle of the screen to add a file. This software can convert audio and video files.

Most of the programs we reviewed, including Stellar and Audials Tunebite, can convert audio files in batches, adjust the sample rate and bitrate, and change the channel settings. This means you can turn a stereo track into mono or vice versa. Stellar doesn’t have volume normalization or audio adjustment options, which are especially useful when the original file is an older recording with low-volume issues. This isn't a deal breaker, but some other programs have them.

The best audio converters are compatible with many different file formats and can process files quickly. We timed each program as it compressed a 625MB WAV file to a 26MB MP3. During this test, we only ran one program at a time and used the same audio settings for each conversion. The results show that Stellar is one of the fastest audio converters in our review. It compressed our large test sample in 1 minute and 4.5 seconds. This is the third-fastest conversion time we clocked and only one second behind the next-fastest audio converter. Fast conversion times make all the difference when you compress multiple large files at a time.

Stellar is compatible with 15 different output file formats. That is below average for the software we tested, but all the most popular formats, such as MP3, WAV, FLAC and ACC, are included.

We tested each converter with M4V, MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV video file formats. Stellar excelled in this test and extracted the audio data from all the video files. You can also use this software to convert video files to different formats.

Stellar has outstanding help and support options, including live chat direct support. We waited in the chat queue for bit, but the operator we connected with was very helpful and answered all our questions. The email support staff responded to our inquiry promptly, within 24 hours, and answered our questions completely. All in all, Stellar has one of the best tech support teams we came across.

Stellar Audio Video Converter is both fast and easy to use, and the user interface walks you through the conversion process step by step. It has a limited number of audio output formats, but all the popular ones are covered. It is also one of the cheapest audio converters available and runs on Mac and Windows platforms.