Switch is a better-than-average audio converter. It’s compatible with multiple audio file formats, converts files to a handful of different output formats and processes audio rapidly without any errors. In our testing, we were impressed with all of Switch’s converting capabilities.

This program has a simple, intuitive interface that is easy enough for even novice users to navigate. To import and convert audio, you just click the Add Files button, select your audio file and click Convert. This is much easier than converting audio with iTunes, and it is fewer steps than other programs we tested, like Audiozilla, require. Everything you do in Switch, whether its adding audio from a CD or changing the bitrate, only takes a few clicks of the mouse.

We timed each program as it converted a 625MB WAV file to a highly compressed 26MB MP3 file. Switch is the quickest converter we tested – it only took 40 seconds to convert the massive test file and was the only software able to compress the file in under a minute. That's 23 seconds faster than the second-fastest converter in our review. This might not seem like a big time difference, but when you convert many large files, that extra time adds up quickly.

This audio converter software has a feature it calls the Audio Stream Wizard that allows you to record audio you stream online from services like Spotify and Pandora. The Audio Stream Wizard breaks this process into three steps and walks you through them.

The software’s input compatibility is quite impressive – this converter is compatible with 45 audio formats. For comparison, iTunes is only compatible with five audio formats. Switch’s audio compatibility is hard to beat. Not only is it compatible with a lot of input formats, but Switch also can convert those files to 26 output formats.

Switch has an impressively large feature set. The software has more conversion options than any other program, can extract audio data from videos and can read CDA audio files. Not only is this software compatible with a myriad of audio formats, but it also converts files faster than any other software we tested. This program is definitely one of the best music converters available.

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