Xilisoft Audio Converter is the most user-friendly audio converter software in our buying guide. The program has an ultra-intuitive layout, and it only takes a couple clicks of the mouse to change the bitrate, rip CDs and convert audio. We tested each program in our guide by calculating how many steps it took to complete a variety of tasks and found that Xilisoft makes converting audio simple and straightforward.

This software was the top performer in our ease of use test, but when we timed how long it took to compress files, the results were underwhelming. In this test, we timed how long it took the program to compress a 625MB WAV file to a 26MB MP3 file. We ran the music converters one at a time using the same settings and the same computer. Xilisoft took 2 minutes and 53.5 seconds to compress our test audio file, while the top performer in our guide, Switch Plus, compressed it in 40 seconds. If you need to compress multiple large files, it will take much longer than if you use any other for-pay program we tested.

All audio converters should at the very least let you convert audio files in batches and adjust the sample rate and bitrate before you begin, but only a handful have normalization capabilities. Normalization adds a certain amount of gain to bring audio up to normal volume levels, which is useful when you convert files taken from older recordings such as LPs and cassettes. Xilisoft is one of the few audio converters that has normalization capabilities. You can also fade your audio in and out and add other effects using this program.

One of Xilisoft’s benefits is its ability to extract audio data from video files. We tested this feature by extracting audio from M4V, MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV files. The program had no problems converting any of these formats. Other compatible video formats include AVI, AVCHD, AVC, MKV and more.

Xilisoft is the easiest and most user-friendly audio converter on the market. It can convert video to audio files, rip from CDs and even add some effects to audio. This software is slower than all the others we tested, so it might not be the best fit for someone who needs to convert a large number of files.

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