Pros / This software offers a wide selection of optical disc utility tools that go beyond Blu-ray burning.

Cons / It limits you to making exact copies of your Blu-ray movies – there are no customization or compression options available.

 Verdict / A great program authoring, copying and burning optical discs - even if it’s Blu-ray options are limited.

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BurnAware offers a wide array of optical disc authoring and utility tools. One of which is the ability to burn new copies of Blu-ray discs. And it does it well enough to earn a spot our review the best Blu-ray burning software.

Every tool in BurnAware can be accessed from the main window of the interface. To burn a new copy of a Blu-ray movie, select the Copy Disc option. From there, all you have to do is load the Blu-ray you want to burn into the interface and select your Blu-ray burner in the destination field then hit the red Copy button. This option starts the disc-to-disc copy which, depending on the size of the Blu-ray disc and your computer’s processing power, can take a few hours.

You can also use this program to burn multiple Blu-ray copies by using an ISO file as a source rather than a physical disc. An ISO file is essentially the blueprint for a Blu-ray. And if you have it on your computer, you can make as many copies as you want even if you don’t have the original source disc. Simply select the Burn ISO option from the main menu – this option is as simple as the Copy Disc option. And it saves a lot of time over the disc-to-disc copy option since it skips the initial step of extracting and saving the disc image to your computer before the burning process begins.

Before you can burn a Blu-ray from an ISO file, you must first have it on your computer. BurnAware gives you the ability to extract a disc’s image and save it onto your hard drive via the Copy to ISO tool. And it’s as simple as Copy Disc and Burn ISO options. In addition to making it easier to burn multiple Blu-rays, having a disc’s image on your computer allows you to archive it for future burns or even use it as a virtual disc that you can watch on your system’s Blu-ray player software.

All these Blu-ray burning options are great as far as they go. However, this software is missing some of the most important features we look for in the best Blu-ray burner programs. One such tool is the ability to compress a large commercial Blu-ray onto a smaller-capacity blank disc. It also limits you to making exact copies of your discs. The best programs allow you to pick-and-choose what content you want to burn onto a new disc.

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BurnAware is quite useful for burning CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and more. But the Blu-ray burning options are limited to the most basic functions we look for in this category. If you’re going to buy this program, it should be for the whole disc authoring package rather than its relatively meager Blu-ray burning tools.

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