Pros / It can play any Blu-ray disc from any region without limitation.

Cons / It does not offer lossless audio playback.

 Verdict / Though it has spotty compatibility and lacks some major and minor features, it is easy to use and plays video decently.

The AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player works for multiple operating systems and with a variety of physical and digital video formats. It lacks some features and functionality, but it's a good, simple video player for the price. You can enjoy a movie marathon with boosted audio and customize the picture optimization settings.

It does a decent job of playing various media types and loads them quickly. However, for its general lack of features compared to other products on our lineup, it uses quite a bit of your system resources, averaging 34 percent during our testing. Products like Leawo Blu-ray Player only takes up four percent of your computer’s processing power.

You can enjoy high-quality audio with your movies on this digital video player, as it has Dolby and DTS support. We were disappointed to see that it does not have lossless audio playback, though, as most other players have this feature. The player does allow you to stretch and shift the aspect ratio to fit your screen.

This Blu-ray player software has an auto-resume feature, which remembers where you stop a video, letting you continue watching it from that exact point whenever you are able. This is handy if you don't always have time to watch a movie in its entirety. For added convenience, you can change the world region freely for Blu-ray discs without limitation.

We were disappointed to see that the software does not have a power manager feature, which would help you conserve battery power while playing videos on your computer. But it has no included bloatware, and it lets you customize the player skin for personalization.

You can also tweak the hue, saturation and brightness of the picture easily while you watch the video for the viewing experience you want. You can slow down or speed up the audio track as needed, which is great for well-used digital files. Additionally, you can turn the subtitles on or off if the file or disc has that option.

The AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is decent software that lets you enjoy watching videos, despite a few minor compatibility issues and the lack of lossless audio playback. It runs on a fairly large chunk of CPU power, but it still loads videos quickly, and the interface is fairly intuitive.

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