Pros / This program allows you to save a virtual copy of your CD to your computer's hard drive.

Cons / You cannot build custom discs – all this program does is make copies of already existing discs.

 Verdict / Blindwrite is an acceptable program for copying and archiving audio and data files, but that's about as far as it goes.

Blindwrite is a CD-burning software application with three simple functions: copy, read and write. And that's all it does. It doesn't get more straightforward than that. However, when seeking out the best CD burner applications, we looked for software with more than the basics. Unfortunately, Blindwrite omits nearly every feature we look for in this category. For example, it doesn't let you create a custom disc nor does it come with editing tools so you can edit the audio.

The Copy feature works well enough. All you need is the disc you want to copy and a blank disc to copy it to. The process only takes a couple of clicks, and you can change out the disc when the drive is ready. It's a straightforward process.

The Read tool allows you to scan the disc image (ISO file) of a CD and save it to your hard drive. An ISO file is the blueprint of a disc that you can use as a virtual disc on your computer. It is great for backing up your CD library because you can use these files to create new copies of a disc without needing the original.

The final feature in Blindwrite is the burning feature, or Write. This tool allows you to pick an existing disc image to burn onto a new disc. There is no way to burn an original audio or data disc. You can only burn disc images. That doesn't mean you can't burn audio discs – you just have to know how to create a disc image of an audio disc first. And that's a skill the vast majority of software users simply don't have. If you need to make custom discs, consider our top pick, Roxio Creator.

The biggest drawback that kept this program in the bottom tier of our lineup of the best CD-burning applications is its inability to create custom CDs. With Blindwrite, you're limited to making rote copies of a CD, which is fine if you're only looking to back up your CD collection. If you want to make a personal mix CD, check out one of the award-winning programs.

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While the interface is simple, and the process is easy to learn, Blindwrite’s feature set doesn't meet the high standards set by the other nine programs on our side-by-side comparison chart. It's good if you want to make copies or archive of discs you already own, but it's unsuitable for any task beyond that.

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