Pros / Every feature in Clone CD can be easily accessed from the software's main interface.

Cons / The software is very limited. There are only three basic functions: reading, copying and erasing CDs.

 Verdict / CloneCD is easy to use, but not nearly as useful as the rest of the applications in our lineup.

Intuitive design is an important element in CD burning software, and RedFox CloneCD has this in spades. Unfortunately, the design is missing a comprehensive feature set that would distinguish it from competing products and raise it to a higher spot on our top 10 list. In short, copying audio and data CDs is simple using this product, and that is all this application does.

CloneCD displays its entire feature set on the main screen. From here you can: "Read a CD to an Image File," "Copy a Disc from an Image File" and "Erase a CD Disc." CloneCD's interface also illustrates its strength and weakness: Its strength is that all of the features are easily accessible from the main screen; its weakness is that there are only three of them. For a more robust CD burning tools, cosnider our top pick - Roxio Creator.

CloneCD lacks some features available in competing products. For example, this software has no ability to build customized disc from the ground up, and it lacks the drag-and-drop functionality that is essential in any piece of software written after 1999.

We didn't encounter any errors burning CDs; it was all quick and easy. Once you select an option, the rest of the process is a piece of cake. The help documentation was both useful and easy to understand. RedFox offers a community forum, FAQs, and you can submit an email on the company's website if you have a question or issue (there is no phone number listed).

When we tested this application, we found that despite its lack of additional tools, it copies both data and audio CDs perfectly. Our audio experts listened a test CD made with this program and they couldn't detect any quality degradation when compared to the original disc. If you're copying CDs you already own, CloneCD is probably what you're looking for.

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Overall, RedFox CloneCD is a quality product that is easy to use. It produces an excellent CD, but it doesn't perform some of the other basic functions that similar applications do. It's a great application for users who want to copy existing CDs, but if you want a more comprehensive program that gives you more control or the ability to make personalized discs, look elsewhere.

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