Pros / Design & Print Business Edition lets you create tables within the program.

Cons / It lacks most of the basic layout and publishing tools.

 Verdict / This software has some uncommon features, like the ability to change the look of a document with a couple clicks. However, with the lack of templates, art assets, advanced publishing tools and customer support, this software leaves much to be desired.

Design & Print Business Edition is basic desktop publishing software that features a fraction of the templates and art assets offered by competing software. And most of those offerings are of questionable quality. Although this is the business edition, only a few of the templates are applicable to the office – you won't find templates for business cards, invoices or resumes here.

This desktop publisher doesn't have tools to edit vector graphics or correct photo errors, nor does it let you flow the content of one text box into another, which makes it difficult to use as a tool for crafting newsletters. It’s quite lacking in layout and publishing tools generally. You can convert your finished designs to PDF, but you can’t import documents or images from such universal programs as Microsoft Word or Photoshop. Design & Print is the most limited desktop publishing application we reviewed. If you're looking for a software that provides decent layout tools, you might want to consider Microsoft Publisher

Design & Print has some redeeming qualities. It comes with 1,000 new fonts you can add to your collection and use, not just in Design & Print, but in any program installed on your computer. It lets you apply formatting styles to text so you can change the look of an entire document with a couple clicks. Perhaps the most useful feature is it lets you create tables directly within the program – a feature some of the best publishing programs can't boast.

But though Design & Print gets some things right, it is lacking in too many areas. Another example is custom guides. These are snapping lines you can place anywhere on a page and use to align objects. Although almost every desktop publishing program has this feature, Design & Print doesn't. Nor does it support master pages, which gives a cohesive design and flow to a multipage document – useful for handling page numbers, headers and footers.

Another area where this software is lacking is support. The company claims to have email, phone and even live chat support, but we were unable to contact support staff using any of these methods. When we clicked on the live chat link during the specified hours of operation, we were redirected to another means of contact that also didn’t work. We emailed our questions as well but never heard back. While we hope general customers have more luck contacting the manufacturer, we are skeptical about how much help you’ll be able to find.

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  1. The number of fonts that are included in the software package.
    More is better.
  2. 9  Design & Print
    1000.0 Fonts
  3. 600.0 Fonts
  4. 500.0 Fonts
  5. 60.0 Fonts
  6. Category Average
    536.0 Fonts


While Design & Print has some unusual features for a desktop publishing package in this price point, it is generally lacking. You can change the look of a document with a couple clicks and edit graphs within the program, which are nice features. However, it lacks the ability to import and export documents to and from such universal programs as the Microsoft Office suite. It lacks master pages, custom guides and just about every other essential layout tool. To top it off, the customer support is equally lacking. It is affordable desktop publishing software, but there are far better options in this price point.

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Template Variations
Business Templates
Creative Templates
Avery Template Support

Operating Systems

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7


Included Fonts
Text Reflow
Formatting Styles
Word Processor

Layout & Publishing

Master Pages
Custom Guides
Proportional Snapping
CMYK Optimization
Import Photoshop PSD Files
Import Microsoft Word Files
Charts & Graphs
Export to PDF

Help & Support

Live Chat

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Included Art Assets
Vector Graphics Editor
Photo Correction Tools
Gradients & Transparency
Bevel & Emboss
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Photoshop-Style Filters