Pros / The video editing tools are simplified versions of the ones found in Adobe’s professional video editing software Premiere Pro.

Cons / You can only burn a DVD with the videos on your timeline. You can't add features, bonus material or commentary.

 Verdict / Premiere Elements 14 is a better video editor than it is a DVD maker. If you're looking to make a DVD with multiple videos, it's best to look elsewhere.

Adobe Premiere Elements is primarily a video editing program. It is designed to give you an easy way to create fun home videos to share with family and friends. While it has some good DVD authoring features, it is a far cry from the best products in our review.

The first thing to understand about making a DVD with this program is that everything you want to burn onto your disc must first be imported into the video editing timeline. This means the program is only capable of burning one video to a disc – no extra features, bonus material or commentary tracks. This severely restricts the usefulness of the program's DVD authoring tools.

If you want to put multiple videos onto a disc, you must place them all on the timeline and then use the chaptering tool to separate them. You can then use the scene selector window to watch them individually. However, this is only a stopgap measure and doesn't give you the experience of a professionally polished DVD. We would like to see Adobe add functionality that allows users to add videos to a DVD without having to merge them all into a single track.

In addition to burning DVDs, this program also has the ability to make Blu-ray and AVCHD discs. These are useful as far as they go, and the process for building one is identical to creating a DVD. You also have the option to save an ISO file to your hard drive. An ISO file is the blueprint for a disc that you can use to burn additional copies without the need of any DVD authoring software. This is a nice way to archive your DVD projects and burn new copies if they're needed in the future.

The video editing tools in this program are easy enough to use once you know your way around the application. The interface is counterintuitive, and you have to click around a lot to find the tools you're looking for.

The effects, title, transitions and music tabs are all bunched at the bottom of the window. When you click on one, it launches a very small window that's often difficult to navigate. If you haven't edited video before (and even if you have) you’ll need to consult at least a few tutorial videos to learn how to use the program effectively.

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  • Time to Create Test Disc
  • Editing Tracks
  • Effects and Transitions
  • Usability Score
  1. This is the time it took each application to burn our test disc.
    Less is Better
  2. 7  Adobe Premiere Elements
    60.0 Minutes
  3. 25.0 Minutes
  4. 35.0 Minutes
  5. 25.0 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    33.5 Minutes


Adobe Premiere Elements 14 is a decent DVD authoring program. It allows you to build a project with its video editing tools then burn that project onto a disc – but that’s all. If you want to make a disc with more than just a feature presentation on it, this program is not what you are looking for.

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