Pros / This DVD authoring software creates easy-to-follow menus for your DVDs.

Cons / You cannot add bonus features to your DVD. You can only add the content you build in the video editor.

 Verdict / AVS Video Editor is a good video editor for beginners, but it's missing some of the key features we look for in the best DVD authoring software.

DVD Authoring is about more than just dropping raw footage into a timeline and burning a disc. It's transforming footage from its raw form into a compelling narrative that is interesting to watch. The editing features found in AVS Video Editor let you accomplish this.

When you sit down to create a video project using AVS Video Editor, you'll have access to an unlimited amount of editing tracks. If you're undertaking a complicated project using this DVD maker software, you need flexibility. If you have a limited number of tracks, you may run out of the precious timeline real estate needed to include everything you want in your project. By allowing you to create unlimited tracks, AVS Video Editor offers a level of flexibility that's hard to overstate.

This DVD creator software has an impressive transition library. With more than 600 options, it's a good bet that you won't be able to find all that you're looking for. Less impressive, but still respectable, is AVS Video Editor's effects library with about 70 selections. These tools enable you to elevate your footage from simple video into a finely tuned sequence that will hold an audience’s attention.

At times it's easy to forget that what you hear is just as important as what you see. AVS Video Editor also provides audio effects such as amplify, remove noise, normalize, compress and adjust pitch. Additionally, this DVD creator also gives you full control over the volume of each audio track. This type of audio control is crucial to creating a DVD that is not only visually compelling, but is also a pleasure to listen to.

When you've completed editing the content you wish to burn onto your DVD, you'll be pleased to find that AVS Video Editor has a very intuitive menu-creation tool. This is important because the menu is the first thing someone sees when they put your DVD into their player. If a menu is difficult to navigate or lacks the appropriate options, your disc is essentially useless, because few will take the time to solve menu problems. The menu templates provided by this DVD maker are straightforward and simple to follow.

One of the software's major drawbacks is that you can only burn projects that are built into the video editor. This means you can't add bonus videos or other features that you see regularly on commercially produced DVDs.

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  2. 5  AVS Video Editor
    32.0 Minutes
  3. 25.0 Minutes
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  5. 25.0 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    33.5 Minutes


AVS Video Editor 7.1 has a formidable array of video editing tools that anyone can learn easily. It's good for beginners, casual users and hobbyists. While it's light on authoring abilities, compared to other products, it provides enough other tools to make it worth the price tag.

AVS Video Editor 7.1 Visit Site

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