Pros / The application is easy to use and learn, even if you’ve never edited video or made a DVD before.

Cons / You sacrifice a lot of advanced disc-authoring features like menus and surround sound configuration.

 Verdict / Wondershare Filmora is a great application for beginning video editors, but it will disappoint veteran film and video makers.

If you've never used video editing or DVD authoring software before, Wondershare Filmora is a good place to start. It's a program specifically designed for novice users. As such, it's straightforward and easily learnable for anyone, regardless of computer skill level. But the trade-off for that simplicity is the lack of some of the more advanced features we look for in the best DVD authoring programs.

Before you can burn your home movies to a DVD, you have to turn your raw footage into a video you can share with family and friends. Filmora's video editing tools are its main attraction. The editing interface follows the standard timeline/storyboard workflow. Storyboard mode allows you to build the skeleton of your project while timeline provides more granular control so you can fine-tune your project.

Filmora gives you a maximum of eight editing tracks to build your video project. Of these editing tracks, only one is dedicated to video. This is enough for simple projects but is limiting if you're building something more complex.

You'll find Filmora’s video editing tools, like the chroma key (green screen), video stabilizer, titles and more, are easily found, learned, and used. The program also comes with hundreds of preprogrammed effects, transitions, titles and objects you can use to enhance your project. You should be able to figure them out on your own without any problems. If you do need instructions, you can find detailed tutorials for each tool on Wondershare’s website.

When you're done editing video, this program has the ability to burn it onto a disc. But unlike the best DVD makers in our review, Filmora doesn't give you the ability to create a disc menu. Nor does it allow you to add bonus features or configure your disc's audio for a surround sound system. All you can do is burn your finalized project to a disc – the video editor allows you to set chapter breaks, but that's the only disc customization option you get.

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  • Time to Create Test Disc
  • Editing Tracks
  • Effects and Transitions
  • Usability Score
  1. This is the time it took each application to burn our test disc.
    Less is Better
  2. 9  Wondershare Filmora
    36.0 Minutes
  3. 25.0 Minutes
  4. 35.0 Minutes
  5. 25.0 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    33.5 Minutes


Filmora makes building a video project extremely easy. The whole program is set up to teach you the editing process as you build your videos. However, this simplicity comes at the price of more powerful authoring tools like disc menus and surround sound audio.

Wondershare Filmora Visit Site

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