Pros / It requires very little CPU consumption to run.

Cons / It cannot play Blu-ray discs.

 Verdict / Though it is not as compatible with operating systems and video formats as we'd like, it is packed with popular features and customer service options.

The BS.Player is a decent option for straightforward DVD player software. It has many customizable settings and a variety of customer support options. Though it lacks some compatibility and can't optimize sound quality, it comes with free upgrades for life.

You can enjoy watching most video formats with this movie player software, as it is compatible with most digital files as well as standard and rewritable DVDs. However, it does not play Blu-rays. As for operating systems, it is also slightly limited in what it works on. You can use it on Windows Vista, 7 and 8, but it is not yet optimized for 10. Likewise, it is unavailable for Mac OS X.

During our testing session, we were impressed to see how little CPU consumption this software used, averaging just 9 percent. It makes playing videos while multitasking on your computer an easy option. Its features are easy to access from the intuitive interface, and we like the impressive player display. Physical discs load fairly quickly, taking 17 seconds for one to play from the time we put it into the drive.

We were disappointed to learn that the software does not have Dolby, DTS or any other high-quality audio support and that it is not capable of lossless audio playback. The auto-resume playback function remembers wherever you leave off watching a video and automatically continues from that point whenever you resume watching. The playback smoothing functionality prevents annoying buffering and lag, letting you enjoy a seamless video-watching experience.

This software lets you watch a movie the way you want to, with a variety of controls and customizable settings, including AB repeat, digital zoom and smart stretching. You can boost your standard-definition flicks to HD with the upscaling feature while sharing what you're currently watching with your Twitter followers directly from the interface. You can easily change regions and toggle subtitles as needed, or even customize the player skin by downloading it directly from the manufacturer's website.

You can easily get the assistance you need with any question or concern about the software, as the digital video player's developer, AB Team, offers many resources. You can contact its service team anytime via the online form on its website. If you don't want to speak to its support team directly, you can access its knowledgebase, which contains a variety of questions and answers, as well as product tutorials. You can even post questions on its forum to interact with other BS.Player users and get help. If you purchase the pro version of this product, you'll get free upgrades for life.

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  • Performance
  • Usability
  • CPU Usage
  • Time to Play
  1. Whether the software works with a variety of formats, without excessive CPU usage.
    Higher is better.
  2. 7  BS.Player
    85.0 %
  3. 99.0 %
  4. 2  WinDVD
    96.0 %
  5. 96.0 %
  6. Category Average
    89.0 %


The BS.Player is packed with features and offers some of the best customer service of any software on our lineup. While it can't play Blu-rays or optimize audio quality, it lets you control a ton of settings and even upscale standard-definition videos to HD. The player is easy to use and plays videos well, making it a decent choice for a simple player.

BS.Player PRO 2.69 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

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Auto-Resume Playback
Dolby & DTS Support
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Options & Settings

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Subtitles & Closed Captions
AB Repeat
Customizable Skin
Smart Stretching
HD Upscaling
Social Media Connectivity
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Mac OS X

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