Pros / It has an online movie search engine.

Cons / It is not compatible with Mac OS X or Linux.

 Verdict / With a wide selection of video playback enhancements, compatibility with the most common physical and digital formats, ease of use, and quick-responding customer service, this is a hard-to-beat option for watching video on your computer.

WinDVD Pro 11 allows you to watch a large movie collection of both physical and digital formats all in one place. It lets you optimize video and audio settings and is packed with features so you get the best movie-watching experience possible. For its ease of use and quality performance, this player easily earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Windows users can enjoy the benefits and functionality of this DVD player software, as it is compatible with XP, Vista, 7 and 8. However, it is not available for Mac OS X or Linux users, which we were disappointed to see, since there are a few other players on our lineup that are.

The movie player software is flexible as to what types of physical and digital video formats it can play. It can play your favorite standard and rewritable DVDs and Blu-rays, as well as a large selection of digital file formats, including AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV and MP4. You can also search for movies through its built-in search engine. It also has massive codec support, including H.264, VC1, MPEG-2, AAC, and various Dolby and DTS options.

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  • Performance
  • Usability
  • CPU Usage
  • Time to Play
  1. Whether the software works with a variety of formats, without excessive CPU usage.
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  2. 2  WinDVD
    96.0 %
  3. 99.0 %
  4. 96.0 %
  5. Category Average
    89.0 %


As we tested this software, we found it intuitive and easy to navigate. All of the various menus, settings and icons were easy to locate and understand, never causing us frustration. One of the things we liked most about it is that it averages just 8 percent CPU usage in full screen, so you can easily multitask without your computer running slowly because of it.

The software has excellent media playback, loading video fairly quickly and never buffering thanks to its smoothing function. It makes playing videos on your computer easy. It remembers where you leave off in a movie and resumes playback from there so you don't have to waste time trying to figure out where you were. It even has a motion streamliner and an anti-shake tool to enhance your viewing of home movies and other videos that would otherwise look fuzzy.

The digital video player makes it easy to enjoy high-quality lossless audio playback, and it supports Dolby and DTS audio. It also has a built-in noise reduction filter to keep your audio as clear as possible. Extra features include a power-saving function and a bookmarking capacity, and it can also capture still images directly from the video. It even has a karaoke function.

Options & Settings

You can adjust a variety of settings for audio and video playback. You can adjust picture saturation, hue and brightness, and stretch the picture to variable aspect ratios to best fit your screen. The digital zoom lets you take a closer look at important details, and the AB repeat function lets you mark and loop any length of video infinitely. You can even upscale standard-definition videos to HD, or standard 2D to 3D, for a heightened movie-viewing experience. If you want to properly watch a 3D movie, though, you'll need a compatible screen and a pair of 3D glasses.

The power manager conserves your laptop's battery while you enjoy videos on the player, and you can customize the player's skin for added personalization. Additionally, you can connect to social media sites to share what you're currently watching with your friends directly through the interface. It also lets you change world regions and choose subtitles for foreign films.

Help & Support

Corel, the software developer, offers multiple options for customer service if you want to contact the company directly. You can reach it easily by phone, but if you prefer email, the process is a bit more difficult. You need to create and verify an account with Corel before you can email it. It also has a knowledgebase and a tutorials section on its website in case you don't want to talk to anyone directly.


WinDVD Pro 11 is great DVD player software that comes stocked with options and gives you high-quality playback without the fuss of having to optimize and tweak a bunch of settings before you can watch a video. While the player only works on Windows operating systems, it can play a respectable amount of physical and digital audio and video formats with no problems, so you can use this software for all your movie marathons.

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