Pros / It has creative functions like customizable page transitions.

Cons / It can only create eBooks in a novel format.

 Verdict / Even though it is limited in the kinds of eBooks you can create, CreateSpace gives you the freedom to make eBooks with enough functions to look professional.

With Amazon’s Kindle reigning as one of the leaders in eBook culture, it is only fitting that the company should produce an eBook creator with enough features to bring your eBooks up to publication standards. CreateBook is not as diverse in its offerings as some other eBook creation choices, but it does give you a solid way to make your eBooks look professional and well-designed.

Like other eBook maker software, CreateSpace has functions designed to make readers more comfortable reading your eBooks. CreateSpace can translate your work into multiple languages, including Spanish and French, which is an opportunity to broaden your audience. It also gives you the ability to sell your eBook either through a larger publishing outlet or through your own eStore.

One shortcoming of the service is the lack of format capabilities. With only the eBook and picture book options, the service is limited compared to the best eBook creator services, like Atavist. It can't manage projects beyond the typical written chapter format. You cannot make magazines, guides or personalized eBooks like a family album.

CreateSpace supports few file types. You can use a PDF file to transport your work onto the service, and you can also insert graphics onto your pages. There is no video or sound on CreateSpace projects, and you cannot use files such as MOBI or EPUB for your work without transferring it to PDF first.

The support services easily prepare you for whatever hurdles you might face in learning how to use this eBook creator. There are excellent tutorials covering how to make the most of the services, with examples of how to use the various functions shown in the videos. There is also online support, with pages of information on how to pick the correct publishing outlet and other advice. There is also an online instruction manual. The only shortcoming is that you have to keep logged in to CreateSpace online, which will limit your ability to use it if you do not have internet access.

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CreateSpace has plenty of functions and support services to help you make your eBooks look attractive and sellable. However, it doesn't compare with to eBook creators that have more options for using files and creating work outside the standard book format.

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