Pros / The format capabilities are unique and eye-catching.

Cons / Sometimes the software moves slowly.

 Verdict / iBooks Author is a finely crafted eBook creator for personal and professional users, with just a few uploading difficulties.

With so many formats and functions, iBooks Author is an eBook creator that makes your homemade projects look like professional digital publications. Apple’s design team has created one of the best eBook software options available, and you can rely on its help services to guide you to becoming a capable eBook writer and publisher.

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iBooks Author has so many functions, it's almost like you've unlocked a digital treasure chest upon downloading it. All content you upload into this app is saved on your own system, so there is no need to log in to an online account to access your projects. You can have every project synced into your own digital library, with the freedom to organize it into a separate space than your purchased eBooks.

Most eBook software reviews mention the possibility of branding your eBooks. This eBook maker gives you the ability to brand your material in a variety of ways, whether through your own images on each page or through having a graphic at the beginning of the eBook.

If you want to expand your audience, the multilingual features of this eBook maker will prove useful. You can translate your books into many other languages via the language settings, and you can also translate other formats, such as quizzes.

The ease of use for iBooks Author is very satisfactory, and the only issue is the occasional slowness of the app. Like many large programs, it can sometimes take a few minutes to load, and it sometimes moves slowly when performing certain tasks. Other than that, we did not find anything discernably difficult in our use of the app.

Format Capabilities

This eBook maker has one of the most extensive and attractive sets of formats of any eBook creator we looked at. You can make everything from novels to quizzes to picture books. What makes iBooks Author stand tall as an eBook creator is its ability to let you experiment with each of these formats. You can integrate sound into every format, and video as well. There is almost no limit on what you can do with iBook Author formats.

Apple has also integrated each of these formats into each other so you can combine them if you want. For instance, if you are making a study guide for a class and want to have a quiz for your students to practice, then you can have the quiz pop up near the end of the study guide.

Supported Files

All of the main files used by eBook creators are available on iBooks Author. The app is compatible with MOBI, PDF and HTML files.

You can also use sound, graphics and video into your projects. The only thing to remember in the publishing process is that if you use copyrighted images without permission from the photographer or publisher, there is a good chance that Apple will not allow you to keep them on your projects.

Help & Support

As usual, Apple has very useful support services. iBooks Author contains many tutorials, showing you how it differs from other eBook maker software and the adjustments you might need to make as you begin using it, particularly if you're more familiar with other platforms. It is also directly downloadable, and it contains online support and an instruction manual. If you are looking for an alternate application with slightly different features, you might try the more expensive Scrivener program for Apple. 


Apple's iBooks Author offers a wide range of options for creativity. There are enough formats for you to become an eBook creator expert, and since you can add video, sound and graphics to a digital project, you can create almost anything you can imagine.

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